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Trisha - October 12

I am on CD 14 I have a 33 day cycle. Today I have CM kinda like yellow stretchy jelly had a little blood streaked in it. I know this is gross but just dont know what it is. Can anyone help?


Toni - October 12

The stretchy part is good. Not sure about the blood steaks though. BD just in case. I will try to find that in my book for you.


isa - October 12

sounds to me like Toni said that it's good (your eggwhite cervical mucous) so probably close to fertile time or you are at your fertile time. The blood I have read in other threads can be part of an ovulation spotting but I've never had it so i'm not sure.


Trisha - October 13

Thanks Toni and isa... Let me know what you find in your book


Toni - October 13

Trisha, found it in my book! It says it can be yellow, pink or red tinged, all indicating the presence of posssible ovulatory bleeding.
So I hope you did the bd!!!!! That is the stuff you want to transport sperm. Good luck!


bump - October 13




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