CM question??
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Shay - April 20

Is it normal to have EWCM (slight yellow in color) twice in a month, but approx. one week apart? I thought I O'd when I noticed the first round of EWCM which was more stretch, but then about a week later (Monday of this week) I noticed another blob of EWCM (again pale yellow in color). Any idea what that might signify? I'm worried now about if I ovulated when I thought I did or not. Timing would seem right that I did during the first EWCM round, but why have it again a week later??? Note: It was during 2-3 trips to the restroom that I noticed it the 2nd time.
Thanks so much!


Milissa - April 20

Shay, I 'm not sure that you have ovulated? Because for one its suppost to be Stretchy and clear, clear tinged with white, or even clear tinged with pink. It also resembles semen. So if you have had ALOT of sex, then most likely it was semen, because semen is yellow. You should be able to stretch it between your thumb and your middle finger. good luck


Nat - April 20

So if the discharge is of that sticky substance, then it means you ovulated?


Milissa - April 20 can either be dry or sticky,sometimes you can have watery cm.


anna - April 21

I am on day 8 of my cycle and my cm is egg white and very stretchy. Next week when i ovulate it will be very similar. Maybe just mine but for the 3 months i've been checking it, i seem to get the one week prior to ovulation symptoms the same as when i do ovulate. I know i ovulate because i am charting and i watch my mucous. Chart and or do OPK tests to know when it is right time and you wont have as much guess work to do.


Shay - April 21

Milissa - The first time that I had the slight yellow mucus, it was preceeded by a large amount of the thin clear stretchy kind, the kind that takes several rounds of toilet tissue to get rid of :) But, the following day, it was more of the light yellow and thicker, but still stretchy. So, based on the clear thin stretchy the day before, I assumed that was when I ovulated. But, then a week later, I have the round of yellow tinged thicker, but still stretchy, mucus. BTW, today is day 23 of my cycle. My cycles since December 2004 have been weird, 40 days/28 days/30 days. Now awaiting this month AF to see what this cycle will be. But, regardless, I should have ovulated by day 23 I'd think, especially considering the slippery clear thin stretchy discharge occurred over a week and a half ago. I'm just confused, I guess. Thanks for any help you all can give me.


Amanda - April 21

I had the clear strechy cm April 19th night and April 20th morning, it was gone by the 20th night. My hubby and I had sex the 19th as part of our every other night ritual during ov cycle. I have took opk test for the last 2 months and have yet to get what I thought was a "O" answer. I have regular periods and the cm so could I be O and just not getting the "O" result on the OPK? OH, and if someone could please tell me should I make sure we have sex during the cm, after, or even some how before the cm??? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP!! BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda - April 22

Please someone help with my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Milissa - April 22

SHAY> everyone is diferent that maybe how you are before and after ovulation? anly you can figure that out by really seeing how you are on off days..I 'm lucky if I even get eggwhite.. most of the time its really creamy cm. AMANDA> now for you if you get your periods then you are ovulating.. if you are a 28 day girl then you ovulate on or around the 14th. when you start to see you cm changing its time to have sex girl..but they say have it when you see eggwhite or watery,because the sperm can live.



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