CM is like jelly
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HotRodGurl - October 3

Hi, I wanna thank you for your guys help on what's going on with me and my metformin. I haven't taken it for about a week now and here recently yesterday and today I don't have hardly any cramps anymore but, today my cm was egg white this morning and now it is gelled up or's like a clump of clear gel I'm not sure what it is...could it be that I mis calculated my ovuation day and today is it? I haven't checked on OPK because I only have 1 strip left, I do have the microscope but, it's been saying I'm fertile for the past two weeks almost. I've been charting my temps but I think some of the temps are inaccurate. So, I'm up a creek and don't know what I should do. any suggestions on why my cm is like this and how to determine if I'm ovulating or not?


me - October 3

This may sound gross so I apologize, but when I used to ovulate, I felt the twinges in my side and then about anhour after, I would get this jelly like stuff that came out in one lump glob. To me, this was a sign that I just ovulated. I hope it means that for you too! Use the OPK to be sure. You don't want to miss it! Good luck!


Sophie - October 3

What CD are you in right now? if your in the middle of your cycle ut could be a sign of O but if your at the last part of your cycle then that could be a pg sign.


HotRobGurl - October 4

Hi, thanks for the gives me great hope. I know I wrote this earlier today and now it's night time and DH and I BD'ed earlier shortly after I wrote about my CM so maybe it will work! But, I'm now getting cramps not very painful just discomfort like there is definately something going on down there. Is this normal? Also, I'm on CD 20 not sure if it's at the end of my cycle or not. I took my OPK and it came out positive that I know of. So, maybe it will happen this month! I guess now all I have to do is join the waiting party I think I'm gonna wait until a week after my period is supossed to come just incase considering I only have one test left and those test can get pretty pricey. Wish me luck! and Good luck and Baby Dust to you all too! =)



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