CM doesn't seem stretchy
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Maren - December 9

I have been trying to observe my CM, my dh and I have been trying for several months. I can see it get to the trasitional period but never experience the very stretchy clear CM. Can you get pregnant with transitional CM. What can I do?


to Maren - December 9

Were you on any form of BC?? I was on the pill and didn't get the EWCM until almost a year later.... But now I get it every cycle.


Maren - December 10

I was on ortho tri cyclen low. I have been off of it since April. Should I just keep waiting?


bump - December 10



to maren - December 10

I would keep waiting. Another thought- just because you aren't seeing doesn't mean you aren't o-ing. It just tougher to tell when! Good Luck!


Maren - December 10

Really, is it still possible without EWCM to get pregnant? I'll keep waiting until it has been a year, although I am getting tired of it. I feel like something should be working better. ??



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