CM and Semen question
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me - October 1

This may be a silly question, but...If you have sex every day around O time, how can you tell what your cm really is? I try doing kegels to squeeze some from my cervix to the opening so I can see it, but I can't tell. I don't want to keep doing kegels because I don't want to push sperm away. I also can't reach my cervix to see it internally. I don't know if I am having fertile cm or not. Please adivse. Thanks!


Toni - October 2

I was having the same problem! I would say check into using the plain robitussein and maybe even the Pre Seed lube. Couldn't hurt. We are moving to IUI so now the cm is not important.


me - October 2

funny you say that because I have been using robitussin for the past few days and still can't tell. good luck with your IUI.



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