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Jomar - August 20

I took a pregnancy and it came out positive. I am only 4 weeks. I already scheduled an appt. with the doctor, however, I have no pregnancy symptoms and I am not getting that cm most women get when they are pregnant. Could something be wrong? How come I don't have any cm? Does that sound strange to anyone? Please let me know if u can give me some insight. I have 2 other children and I don't remember back then when I got any symptons, but I remember with my first one, the cm was abundant that I kept thinking my af had arrived. Thank you very much.


Melissa - August 20

Each pregnancy is different. Most women do not experience symptoms until around week 8. Also, you may not have a lot of cm with this one. Don't worry and good luck!


Jomar - August 20

Thank u, Melissa. I have been trying for so long and I want to make sure all goes well.


r - August 20

27 days late for my period out of a 23 day cycle missed the 16th of august 15th i just spotted some brown stuff instead i have sore boobs tiredness,heavy boobs some darker patches on them aswell.i have increased creamy lotion cm, high cervix,moodiness, little spotting after sex,lmp 1st july,(a long time ago hahaha) when i missed my first period i was cramping with no blood now im not cramping at all but the other signs are comming in i would be 7.6 weeks negative hpts,my boobs have 2 large veins on them and the dark patches are next to the veins, montgomery tubercules, i have had no sickness apart from last night i was watching a film that made me feel sick and the wine i was drinking made me feel sick, im 42 dpo, hpts say neg though what do you think. and a headache i get once day above my eyes. and no sign of ovulation at all in the past month and i have been ovulting regularly


to r - August 21

first of all in case you are pg cut out the wine. Next, call doc on monday and get in to see him/her and have a test taken. You'll know then. if not pg then find out if you are ovulating or why period hasnt coming. Take control of your health with your doc and work hand and hand to figure out what your body is up to. good luck


r - August 21

thankyou my doctor is a very busy lady and she hasnt an appointment til the 31st so i will have to wait.



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