Clueless about ovulation
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blue - November 30

Hi, I am hoping someone may help me, my hubby and I are TTC and I would like to know what days are best for me to conceive? I got my period today (Nov 30th)and it will last 6 days. What days would most likely be my most fertile time in December? My cycle is usually 31 days but sometimes 32. Thanks for everyones help. Happy Holidays to all!


neha - November 30

u can visit this click on ovulation calendar on top right. here u can fill up the ur period date & no of days in ur cycle & u'll get ur fertile days for 3 months.


me - December 1

Unfortunately, the date of ovulation can fluctuate with some people. My advice to you is to have sex every other day beginning on day 9 or 10 of your cycle. Having sex every day gives the sperm a chance to recuperate their numbers and keeps a steady supply of sperm in your system. I would pay close attention to your body around days 14-19 and look for your fertile cm. Fertile cm can be either watery or egg white (which is the ideal cm.) Some women even have creamy cm, but that is not the most fertile kind. Watch for the cm signs and make sure to have sex either every day (if your hubbys sperm count is normal) or every other day during those times. I hope that helped you some. Good luck.


lori - December 5

I say have sex every single day i have not tried tis but starting this month thats what i am going to try to do.



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