Clomid without inducing a period
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mzhoney - September 3

My menstrual cycle is late, 2 pregnancy test came back negative, I want to start taking clomid to induce ovulation. Is it a MUST to have a period first?


Lena - September 4

Can't answer your question with a yes or no as it really depends on your menses history. Only your doctor can answer this question after an exam. For some woman, yes it is possible for them to take clomid w/o a period. Some woman don't cycle regularly and clomid, with other hormones, can induce af and maintain regularity. Its possible, however, that your af is late due to a cyst. If so, taking clomid at this time could result in serious health complications. Your ob/gyn can determine if you have a cyst by u/s.


hayley - September 4

NO i was told by my gnyo if my period is late take a test if neg then start taking my clomid and then it will induce my period and it worked


h - September 4

yeah lena is right sorry! but i do have pcos it is best to see a doctor


mzhoney - September 4

i do have pcos, i have been on metformin about a wk now, period still late, going to wait 2 more days and try a pregnancy test again- if still negative and no period then i'll start with the clomid


Lena - September 5

hayley, typically drs prescribe an injection of HCG which will eliminate any persistent CLs and trigger af. If your af is late due to a cyst, taking clomid can be very dangerous with side effects that could include permanent infertilty or death. From my own experience I've seen the side effects. I took clomid 5 cycles and had serious cyst problems with 2 of those cyles. (another cycle produces cysts that cleared themself within 10 days) One cycle was so bad that I had to stay in bed for two weeks and had a high risk of uterine torque. Currently I have two large cysts caused by clomid. I'm not allowed to lift anything, bend over, exercise, etc. My back hurts so bad that I've had a hard time sitting up or going from a prone to upright position and I've missed an entire week of work. All this 60 DAYS after my last clomid pill and I was cyst free when I began taking it that cycle. My RE and ob/gyn both agree that my response is typical of clomid.



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