clomid with one fallopian tube
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Shaneithia - March 9

I lost part of my left tube to an ectopic 2 yrs ago. Since then been ttc again. I had surgery on 1-21-05 to remove a large amount of scar tissue around my right tube. I have a luteal phase deficiency so starting my next cycle I will be using progesterone suppositories along with clomid. My question is can clomid make you ovulate from both ovaries? I know I ov'd on my right side this month (which is my good side). With my last pregnancy, I used the progesterone suppositories for 2 mo and got pregnant...I'm just very anxious to get pregnant again and hoping clomid will do the trick.


Cutie - March 10

Sweety I know nothing about this, but I sure know how frustrating it is to TTC and still not be preggo... Good luck to you,


shaneithia - March 10

Cutie, thanks for responding anyway. At least I know someone else knows how it feels to be in my shoes...
thanks! :-)



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