clomid with iui
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Vicki - October 5

I and my husband were TTC for a little more than two years. I had a HSG done on month ago, and i showed everything was ok...My husband also had sperms test, and it came out normal...The only problem was my menstrual is irregular....My doctor just put my on clomid and iui this month to help me ovulating.....At the day 16 my nipple began to sore and swollen....and it keep remaining until now....I'm on cycle day 21 now.....Is that a first signs of pregnancy....Has anyone ever experience that?????Best wishes to everyone..Thanks for your input


isa - October 5

Hi Vicki, i was also on clomid this month 100mg for days 2-6 then shots for 4 days and today is my day 21 also. 2 days ago my left nipple started being a bit sore and today both are (only if touched, not if im not doing anything). It can be a sign so good luck and baby glue



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