Clomid vs Injections
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Grenouille - August 18

Hello Ladies, I have heard that injections (not sure of the name of them), instead of taking clomid orally, may increase chances of getting pregnant. Do you know if that's true? If so, is it just because the injections trigger more follicles than Clomid or is it due to another factor? Thank you so much for all your help! Grenouille


kotkot005 - September 10

same question i have. you have just expressed all my thought!!! well after clomid was successful in inducing ovulation but failed in getting me pregnant. i maight switch to injectables next month after doing a Lap.ii have read that the quality of eggs are better when doing the injectables also i read that it doesnt effect the CM and lining as much as clomid does. i will keep u posted if i know something else.


thayward7 - September 10

Hi ladies... next cycle I will be switching from clomid (50mg for 5 days) to a combo of clomid (50mg for 5 days) and injectables (Repronex). My RE said you have better control of things on injectables, but there is a higher risk of multiples. I asked about egg quality and he said the injectables help to achieve better egg quality. I guess clomid is step one, because it is the least invasive... then you move on from there depending on what your doctor says. Mine does not like to do the same thing for too long if it hasn't worked in achieving pregnancy. Smiles and Babydust... T p.s. My RE said there also isn't the worry of a thin uterine lining when you take injectables.


andy - September 11

hi ... I did Fostimon 1500 injections after detecting no ovulaion in regular periods and a previous m c and got pregnant on the first try !!! My dr told me that he did´t trusted pills and I got this shots from CD2 to CD11 , each day at the same hour , and on CD12 got a HCG shot to brake them , got follies of 24mm , broke 2 but got pg with one ... this shots helped also my linning that got very thick , like 12mm ... This fostimon is a swiss drug that is kind of expensive $60 each shot , but works!!! Good luck and baby dust


kotkot005 - September 17

well girls .. really happy to hear that . when clomid failed i almost lost hope of everyother thing. i really wish that injectables will be of a magic touch. i really want to get rid of all the fertility thoughts. i really recognise myself as being a failure. this baby machine is supposed to work properly for all women. why do we have to suffer that much?????



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