Clomid users- Did this happen to you?
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KDR - February 24

I used clomid 50 mg for this first time last week on cd 5-9 and am now on cd 18. Got positive opk on cd 15. My nipples are sooo sore and I was wondering if this is just a side-effect of the clomid. They are extremely painful and I have NEVER experienced this before. Any thoughts on this? thanks.


Mega - February 24

Yes, on Clomid my nipples have got very sore. So it is likely that that's an effect of the Clomid, esp. given that you just O'ed so it would be a little too soon for implantation. But keep on monitoring the pain, if it gets even worse it could be a good PG sign too. Good luck. Hang in there.


ana - February 24

my nipples were like yours after I went on the estrace (estrogen) as the clomid thinnned me out too much. It is a side effect of high estrogen, from clomid and premenstral so its anyones guess what's causing it for you. Good luck though.


Tracy - February 25

Oh yeah, it's the clomid!!! My boobs are never sore before AF, but since starting clomid, they kill. It starts for me around 4 or 5dpo and goes away about 4 days before AF shows up. I am now on my third cycle with clomid, ovulated on cd15, and am now 3dpo. I will get a migraine probably tomorrow or Sunday (been happening like clockwork). I started having pains in my boobs today. I also have cramps and am very bloated. Tomorrow my boobs will probably feel like they are on fire. Good luck, any more questions, let me know, I've researched just about every clomid detail there is and have experienced the rest.



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