Clomid users - hot flashes???
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Becca - April 14

This is my first cycle on Clomid - 50 mg. I know you can expect hot flashes while taking the meds, and I did on days 3, 4, and 5. I am now 4 dpo and the past couple of night I've been having crazy bad hot flashes. Is this because of the clomid?


cmelissa - April 14

Hi Becca,
Yes clomid gave me really bad hot flashes too, its normal so no worries!! It eventually stops a few days after you stop taking the clomid!! Good luck this cycle!!


Ak - April 14

hello, i am on my day 4 as well. i had very bad hot flashes on my day 2.......but do you have any other symptoms as well


Becca - April 14

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. Took all 5 clomid pills and had hot flashes on nights 4 and 5. Then they went away. Then, on cd16 I had terrible excruciating O cramps, which vanished over night. I am now 4 dpo and the hot flashes are back. Has this happened to anyone?


Becca - April 14




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