Clomid Support *-PART 5-*
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Mindy1 - April 15

Hello all, thanks for your support :)
As far as what my dr said,
She called it "break through bleeding" where the past 3 months on clomid I didnt have high enough progesterone so my lining was very thin. That explains the light periods. however, she said I must have had breakthrough bleeding because my progesterone was higher than usual causing a heavier period (I guess....?) She said it doesnt sound like a miscarriage..and anyhow the bleeding subsided and slowed down once I took my clomid pill, so thats good. She prescribed me Progesterone Suppositories.. Just wondering if any of you have taken them? mine look like really big pills.... and the pharmacist was busy helping everyone else that she couldnt help me.... I guess Im just supposed to shove it up there near my cervix and thats it?? What is sex like when your on it? Any how, today is CD4, Round 5 of clomid and feeling a little sad, yet happy. I have to go out and buy a huge set of OPKS bc I have to use the progesterone. Thanks once again for all of your support. You all are the best!!!


tk07 - April 15

hi mindy! i mever had to use the suppositories but i would say it is a good thing that you have them because now you are getting closer to what the problems were! i have read about people using them through getting pregnant until like 12 weeks along and it working. good luck and baby dust!!!


mother2Bsoon - April 15

Hi All! I did not have to use prog suppositories either. Unfortunately, I can not give any advice. But what I can do is continue to lift you up in prayer. I know that He will guide you through. Also, if you get a chance call the pharmacist or your doc to make sure they talk you through step by step. TK - many blessings to you:-). Praying for God's very best for everyone on this ttc journey.


tk07 - April 15

thanks mother2b :) many blessing to you too! did you figure out your due date yet? i am so paranoid all the time, try not to be like me! i keep having these little spasms and it is making me crazy! so i am calling the Dr tomorrow! and i have a lovely bladder infection which is so annoying. i will try and remember to post some belly pics on a photobucket later.
baby dust!!!!!


mother2Bsoon - April 16

Hi All! My EDD is Dec 4th or Dec. 6th. Because my cycle is so irregular, we haven't been able to pinpoint a due date...however, I hope we can find out something at my April 25th appt. Many Blessings to you:-)


NicoleM - April 16

Hi ladies. I'm sorry Mindy - I don't know about the suppositories either. I'm new to this thread - would you all mind letting me know your stories? As for me, DH and I have been ttc for 3 years. I have "unexplained infertility". DH's SA was good, my HSG was normal and my cycles are normal - I ovulate fine and all my bw has been great. The RE suspects endo and is starting me on my first round of clomid this month. I'm just waiting for AF now (the one cycle I want her to come she is 5 days late - LOL!) Anyway, are all of you doing clomid? mother2b, were you on clomid before you got your bfp? I was also wondering what side effects you girls experienced on clomid. Thanks so much!


tk07 - April 16

hi nicole! i started clomid because i m/c last year and it really messed up my cycles, i became very irregular. i was on it for 3 months and i got pregnant the 3rd month! i am 17 weeks now. the only side effect i had was hot flashes/night sweats, for me it was the worst the first month on it. but i know clomid has worked for a lot of people, so good luck!!!


NicoleM - April 17

Thanks for the info tk! I'm so sorry about your m/c, but congratulations on your pg! I think I can handle the hot flashes okay, but I am more worried about being irritable - poor hubby! Hopefully it won't be a problem... ;)


tk07 - April 17

yeah, some people get more irritable. i didn't really but i am irritable a lot anyways! so dh didn't notice any difference. i was very crabby for the entire first trimester, i was just so tired and wanted to be left alone. i am getting better now though. having a m/c is hard and you never forget it but it happened for a reason and i know that now.
yeah, i thought the hot flashes were worth the result! i would definitely do it again! is your Dr monitoring you through out the month?


heathernicoal - April 17

HI all, just letting you know I'm a 25 happily married female missing the most important thing in my life, a baby. I'm about to start taking clomid and I'm wondering if I'll be successful right away. I've longed for a baby for so long now I'm about willing to try anything. I'm just afraid that I have to high of expectations with this medication and nothing will happen and I'll be baby less forever. Anyone have these same fears or am I just being irrational?


vistagirl81 - April 17

yest. was my last day of 100mg of clomid,,, im very excited. i feel as though im trying for a baby now,, instead of trying to have my cycle:P the dr. told me to do 5-9.... so now i have to wait to see when or if i ovulate( i hope that i do i did last mo to bring my pd after 4 and a half mo without it)but i just wanted to say im very excited and thank you all for answering my Q's :P


Mindy1 - April 17

So... I really hope this is my month. I now have the prog suppositories and hope they work for me. Just bought a 20 pack of OPKs so that way I can start testing asap and hopefully I catch my surge (and hopefully I O!!) My period is still here and its heavy, so hopefully its not around much longer... I think its still gonna be another 3 days. That was my 5th round of clomid, and I really do hope that its my last. Please pray for me!! I wont be back online until I ovulate, going to try not to concentrate on it... Talk to you all ina couple of [email protected]!!!


Mindy1 - April 17

and also, to Heather, I have faith in Clomid, Im not worried about being childless, but I am on my 5th round of clomid which makes me ovulate so its working... why I dont have a BFP, I dont know. Hopefully this is our month! Are you on clomid now??


NicoleM - April 17

TK, they are going to do a cd12 ultrasound. They want me to take the clomid days 3-8 and also want me to give myself the trigger shot. I'm supposed to call them when AF comes to go over it all again, but the witch STILL hasn't come!! HEATHER, how long have you been ttc? VISTA, I know what you mean - my cycle was fine, but now that I'm seeing an RE and we're doing the clomid, I feel like we're finally actually doing something rather than sitting back and hoping it would happen (3 years of that was long enough)! MINDY, I wish you all the best - good luck, girl!


tk07 - April 17

good luck mindy!
nicole, that is good your Dr is doing the u/s, mine did that too and i think it helped a lot to know when to bd.
good luck to you too vistagirl!
heather, it took me 3 cycles of clomid but mother2b was either the first or second month and my neighbor was her first month, it can happen quick! but don't stress if it takes a few cycles, that is why they do it for 6!
baby dust to everyone!!!


KayteeLeanne - April 18

Hello ladies.. sorry it's been so long.. ive just been really busy working and cleanin up my house and lawn for summer.. ne-ways.. im on cd23 and i think i oed.. i just havent been paying to much attention to it this time around.. i think i over stressed myself last month.. but i have a question for you ladies.. sence me and dh have been using the clomid.. when we bd i have him get me off first. so my CM will start flowing (sorry tmi).. then he dose his thing.. and when we baby danced i noticed that my cm was really egg whiteish.. is that just because i orgasimed.. or because i was ovulating?.. i just dont know if orgasiming changes your CM or not???.. lol.. kinda a weired question.. sory haha.. ne-ways to introduce myself to the newbies.. im Kaytee im 21.. DH is 21.. been TTC for almost 3 years.. im on my 3rd month of clomid.. 1st month 50mg.. no ovulation.. 2nd month 100mg and Oed!.. this month i havent gone in to get blood taken to check.. i duno if i even have to sence i oed last month on 100mg.. ne-ways.. im on cd23 and i guess im in my 2 week wait.. oh.. and i have PCOS and also take 2000mg metformin every day.. oh.. and i live in Anchorage Alaska.. the only side effects i have is hot flashes.. night sweats and irritability.. which sucks.. but dh is dealing with it.. so.. i guess thats it lol.. sorry for the book.. and if anyone can help out with my question that would be great!!!!!.. baby dust to everyone.. and TK.. Mindy and mother2b.. how are all of you???.. its been maybe 5 days but feels like forever lol.. talk to everyone later!


dunne - April 18

Hi Kaytee, not sure where I read it but it does help the sperm if you have an orgasm first...I believe it is beacause it produces just the right cm to help sprem along...hope this helps...Samantha



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