Clomid Support :) *-PART 4 -*
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Mindy1 - March 28

Hey ladies how are we all? Im CD6, tomorrows the last Clomid pills. THANK GOD cuz when I went to take mine this mornin one of the pills didnt make it down my throat and tasted nasty as heck! Ugh it got cold again down here in Chi... 2 days ago its 85 degrees and right now its 20. WTF? Well, hope yall find me here!


tk07 - March 28

hello! i know! the high yesterday was like 75 and today it is 50! no wonder everyone is getting sick. i hope i don't get sick. i have done that before with pills, i hate it! my prenatal tastes real bad if i let it be in my mouth too long before swallowing. baby dust!!


utopia8302 - March 28

hey guys, do you mind if I join???
Just to give you a brief history:
We've been trying to conceive our 2nd child for 15 months now. I was put on Clomid Nov of 06 at 50mg. Then in Dec, on 100mg and got pregnant. we m/c at 10 weeks. I had an extra script for clomid since I got pregnant, but ob said not to use it for another 3 months. I cant wait!!!! so i took it this month. i am on cd16 today. I have never seen a +opk, so i didn't use them this time around. My ob was not observing me while i was on clomid, is that normal? i hear all these other women getting u/s and shots and other stuff. So, i took it upon myself to take mucinex and baby asprin. So what is your guys' stories?? I'm looking forward to hearing from other people who understand what we are all goigng through!!!!!


Mindy1 - March 28

TK- this weather stinks! GRR!! lol Hi utopia and welcome!!! I have been on Clomid since January of 07 and still no BFP yet. My OB is not really checking up on me either, and I decided that Im not going to stress myself out, Im going to forget about the OPKs and if I O, I O, if not oh well. I dont like stressing myself out anymore. Especially cuz its round 4. I wish it would work already, but Im so excited for you! How long are your cycles usually?>


KayteeLeanne - March 28

hey everyone.. sorry i didnt post yesterday.. i had a bad day.. i just taking my af's really hard.. probly cause ive only had her show up maybe 6-7 times through out my 21 years of life. but yesterday i was just blah.. crying all day.. and just feelin bad about everything.. af is already slowing down a bit.. im suposed to start clomid on friday.. i just hope it dosent stop by then.. i'll be pissed lol.. the weather up here in alaska is pretty nice.. its cold.. but really sunny.. and the snows acually melting.. im so excited.. i cant wait for summer already!!.. i wana go camping lol.. ne-ways.. welcome utopia!!!.. i dont get ultra sounds or shots.. i just get blood taken like 10-14 days after o.. this month will be my third round.. first month was 50.. last was 100mg.. an i Oed last month!!!.. do u have PCOS?.. or just not Ovulating on your own?.. this month im plannin on trying the hole robitusin.. and baby asprin thing.. but i still dont understand compleatly what baby asprin is suposed to do?.. ne-ways.. i think i acually have my sleeping schedule fixed.. im geting up at 10am everyday for the past 2 days.. well talk to you all later!!


Mindy1 - March 28

what IS baby asprin? Where do you get it? Does it say "baby asprin" on the bottle?? Im just as confused..


Chas - March 28

baby aspirin is 81 mg. It will say 81 mg on the bottle.


LauraEssary - March 28

LOL, sorry to laugh but baby aspirin wont say it on the bottle. I went looking for "Baby Aspirin" also and had to ask the pharmacist at our walmart where it was. It will say adult low dose on it and will say 81mg.
BTW baby aspirin is used as a sort of blood thiner. Clomid and the other meds sometimes used with it can cause blood clots (actually so can birth control) and a blood clot can cause you severe problems! Also if you do get pregnant on Clomid, there is a slight chance that your babies placenta will get a blood clot i it and cause you to miscarry. Thus the reason for taking baby aspirin. As for the Robutusin or preseed, its because clomid makes your mucus dry up and become hostile (to some people). It makes your insides hard for the sperm to live and travel in. Male sperm are supposed to be smaller, faster and die off easyer because of their size so thats why some people say taking Clomid can lead to having girls. The female sperm, although slower, are larger there for they can withstand more stress and are more likely to make it through the journey to the egg under Clomid conditions then are the male sperm. Also some people take a form of progesterone, some are shots, some are supositories and some are oral gel caps. Progesterone helps build the lining of the uterus and Clomid some times cause the lining of the uterus to thin.


utopia8302 - March 29

hi girls. thanks for the warm welcome. it is nice to be accepted into a new thread! as for baby asprin- i went to walgreens looking for it also laura! the pharmacist also had to show me the low dose 81mg. So, on a daily basis, I am taking one low dose, prenatal, and also a "generic" mucinex. mucinex is supposed to work the same as robotussin. It is really just a decongestant and mucus thinner.....seems to work! I do not have pcos, just don't ovulate on my own. we didnt have a problem conceiving our first, but ever since she was born, my cycles have been messed up and very long. i am really hoping it works this month. i'm having a lot of cramping on the right side, so im wondering if thats a sign of ovulation. like i said before, i never get a +opk, so i dont want to stress out over it again this month. ok girls, keep us posted!!!!!!!!!


tk07 - March 29

hello! utopia i had a similar thing happen, my first pregnancy was quick and easy and then i m/c and my cycles were screwy and i had to go on clomid. i got pregnant my 3rd cycle of it and i am in my 14th week now. it was a long hard first trimester though! i still get freaked out that something is going to go wrong.
that will be good mindy, you know roughly when you would ovulate now anyways right?
kaytee what do the temps get to in the summer there? i hate winters, i would die in alaska!
i am having a rough day ladies, i keep freaking myself out... please put me in your prayers for a healthy baby that i get to keep! i am such a worrier.
good luck everyone!!!


utopia8302 - March 29

tk- i know its easy to say, but please dont worry. I wish i could say i know how you feel, but i have not become pregnant yet after my last m/c. i can only imagine how hard it is. my concern is if i do ever become prego again, will i try not to be so "attached" to the baby for the first 12 weeks? i was so heart broken with losing my last baby. but, as you know, 12 weeks is a good thing, andy ou're already past that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so good job, and just enjoy being pregnant with a healthy baby!!!!!!!!!


Daniela - March 29

Hi everyone.... would it be ok if I joined????
I have been reading the forums for a little while now.. and I have to say... you are all wonderful women. It is so nice to see and hear women going through the same things... and being able to talk to someone who understands.
Little bit about me.... from Toronto, Canada... I am 31 and dh is 38 we have been TTC our first...... for a little over a year. I was dx with PCOS in September.
Dr finally gave me an Rx to induce AF and Sunday was my last pill for my first round of Clomid 50mg. The bding has begun.... and we're using preseed..... but, I don't know if I will ovulate or if its going to work. Some mild aching in my lower right abdomin.... but, who knows.
Utopia.. my doctor isn't monitoring me either... but, I am in the same frame of mind that Mindy is in... I refuse to let this stress me out.... I can't... its not going to help anyone least of all myself...
Laura thank you so much for the info..... I was getting a little confused.. you cleared up a few things for me... thanks!
tk... congrats!... and please don't worry.... everything is going to be fine..... I know its easy for me to say... I've never had a BFP... I have no idea what it feels like. Thank you for letting me join.... and my thoughts, prayers and hopes are with everyone......
( I keep seeing baby dust.... " best wishes / good luck " I assume.... )


KayteeLeanne - March 29

so ladies.. today im freaking out.. im about to call my dr.. cause im on cd 4 im not suposed to start clomid till tammarow days 5-9.. and as u all know my period so far has ben heavy and painful.. starting yesterday in the evening.. its very light!.. so light that i cant even use the light tampons cause they hurt (sorry tmi).. so pretty much this morning its just spotting.. what am i suposed to do???.. if it stops today should i take the pill tammarow anyways?... i'll let u all know what my dr says.. i cant call her till after 1pm when her lunch is over... ne-ways.. **welcome daniela.. you'll get alot of suport here.. just make sure u keep up on your posts.. and ask us if u need any answers questiond... **tk... the summers up here are great!!!!!!... we get from anywher from 65-100 degrees over the summer.. and its soooo beautiful.. all u wana do all day is drive around and go camping or hiking.. its great..i think you all would love it!.. i'll take pics an put it on my myspace this sumer.. an have u and mindy check um out.. well talk to you all later.. baby dust!


utopia8302 - March 30

welcome daniela- this truly is a great support system for all of us~! so we're very glad to have you join us!!! kaytee- i would say still take it tomorrow on day5. i dont think it really has anything to do with AF, just starts ovulation. but still check with your dr, but take it if you cant get ahold of her. I had a similar situation in december, and my ob said take it on the days he prescribed no matter what! so try not to stress out over it, i'm sure everything will be fine! keep us posted on what your ob said! and enjoy the scenery around you, we're all jealous!


tk07 - March 30

kaytee, i agree with utopia. take it anyways and maybe your af's are shorter with clomid and getting them on your own. but you definately had af!
i told myself i was't going to get attached or really excited until after the 12 weeks... that lasted until like week 6-7. i saw the heart beat at week 7! and now i am completely 100% attached and i feel like i am so happy but so nervous still.
Hi daniela, welcome! i used preseed and it seemed to have helped :)
my Dr did monitor me with monthly ultrasounds and progesterone tests. i didn't need the blood test after the first 2 months though because they knew the clomid was working. i had to pay for half of my u/s appts too because of insurance.
i hope everyone has a good day!
oh, i ordered a home doppler... dh won't be too happy but i have to try it!
good luck!!!!!!


Daniela - March 30

Good Morning ladies.....
Thank you so much for the warm welcome....
I actually have a question... wondering if you have any insight.... I am on cd14 and yesterday and this morning.. feeling some cramping on my lower left side.... but, I have no CM... nothing .....dry. However, I have read that is/could be a side affect of the Clomid. Could I be ovulating even without CM??? This is where the pre-seed comes in???
Well.... we'll continue bding... and wait and see..... I guess if AF shows up on its own.... the clomid worked??? If not...
I guess back to the dr.
Thanks again..... have a great day everyone... I'll check back later.... Baby dust!


Mindy1 - March 30

OMG alot has been goin on since Ive been on here!~ TK, how are you feeling?? Any nausea?? Kaytee, I think you shouls take the pills. it sounds like that was AF. Daniela, WELCOME! and I think your ovulating. Im not a doctor so you might wanna try taking an OPK. How long are your cycles? Laura, thanks for clarifying what baby asprin is, lol I never heard of it lol. Utopia how are you girl? Is anyone still on their AF? Today is CD10 and IM STILL on it, I normally am until I ovulate. hoping that I do cuz if not Ill seriously scream. lol. Clomid is destroying my patience instead of my uterine lining lol.



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