Clomid Support :) *-PART 6-*
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Mindy1 - May 5

Hope Ya'll find me here! Who has updates?!


bbyplz - May 5

Hello! I am new to clomid and somewhat new to the forum. I have some questions for you pros out there! I finished my first round of clomid last sat. I went for my day 12 follicle study on Wednesday. The sonographer said that I had three really good follicles. I guess they have to be atleast 2.5 cm when you ovulate. Mine were 2.7, 2.2 and 1.7. She said that I should be ovulating in the next two days (Thursday-Friday) and that she really felt positive about this. What I am confused about (I didn't think to ask because I was just so excited about the dang follicles!!) is that I thought clomid usually makes you Ov later than you normally would. I have taken OPT Thurs, Fri and today and I am not registering on there. There seemed to be a really really faint line today. We BD'd Wed, Thurs and Today. Any insight to this at all? I would just like anything while I wait out this LONG 2ww. Thank you everyone!!


bbyplz - May 5

Oh, and one more thing (sorry)...I am having a pregesterone test on cd 21. Can you tell me exactly that will be able to tell me? Would there be a chance that I could know that I am pregnant by then? Again, I was so excited about the follicles being ripe I never thought of any of these questions. Thanks again!


Mindy1 - May 6

Hi there and welcome! As far as the progesterone test, they monitor how much is in your system because thats what provides the "ideal environment" for a baby to grow in. They usually can tell if you have ovulated. As far as the longer cycles on clomid, mine were short, and clomid didnt change a thing. On a 24 day cycle I ovulated on day 14. Sometimes the ovulation kit wont get your surge because you had a quick ovulation.... I had to test multiple times throughout the day because the test was only positive for about 8 hours.... its hard to catch for some of us! Thats good that your follicles are good size. My dr doesnt really follow up with me. Im on progesterone suppositories and I have only talked to my doctor about 4 times since January. I took 5 rounds and I am in the end of my 2ww, waiting for AF. I have decided to give up on Clomid, as I didnt intend on taking it this long anyways. I guess God doesnt have baby plans for me yet, but thats okay... if it happens it happens. The past 2 months I havent even THOUGHT I was pg! Im not expecting a BFP... I think AF is on her way.... I feel her nasty kicks in my uterus. Best of luck to yall!!!! MUAH!


vistagirl81 - May 6

im kind of sad, af is due monday and i feel her coming now.. its a little frustrating.. i though this was my mo. after not having a pd for over 4 mo. this was my chance( i know i have more of them but still) maybe next mo....i hope


grlnxtdoor022 - May 6

I know what you mean, vista. I haven't had a period in four months either. I had to take provera just to get it started. I take my fist round of Clomid tomorrow and hoping somthing will happen. I'm so scared though. My body is just so mixed up right now. I'm hoping this clomid will help things. Don't be sad though, please. We must keep trying! Lots of baby dust to you!!!


tk07 - May 6

hey bbyplz, my cycles were too long and i ovulated too late in my cycle to get pregnant and clomid corrected that. clomid makes you ovulate 5-9 days after your last pill. the day 21 test is just what mindy said! sounds like you had some good follicles though! i missed my surge the first month i was on clomid but i did ovulate. those things aren't 100%. good luck!
don't give up yet! af hasn't come yet so you don't know anything for sure! try and stay positive. when you are pregnant it feels like af is coming.
good luck and baby dust!!!!


bbyplz - May 6

Thank you!! I was so down last night. I was so excited after the follicle study that I was sure I would know when I did. Then the negative side of me that has been through 32 months of BFN's set in and I lost it last night! I know you all are going through the same thing and it is so comforting to read and type to everyone. Mindy1 have you thought about injections? Have you thought about another dr? My ob/gyn doesn't follow up with me much but is always there to try anything and answer any questions that I have. Vista...I hear ya. I have thought it was MY MONTH many times. I usually convince myself every month what my "I know I am pregnant this time" symptom. TK07...thanks for the positive note. I am more Poor Me. I am sending baby dust to us all! Thanks again everyone!


Mindy1 - May 6

Hey yall... AF is here, and I couldnt be happier! I have a NORMAL CYCLE!!!!! Hooray!


KayteeLeanne - May 6

mindy.. sorry af showed up.. was that your last round of clomid?.. af still hasent showed up for me.. so either i didnt o.. or im pg.. but i domt feel pg.. and im afraid to use a test and waste it.. but i think im going to tommarow.. we'll see i guess.. wish me luck... tty all later.. baby dust.


tk07 - May 7

good luck kaytee!!!!!
sorry af came mindy, but at least like you said you have a normal cycle! so that is really good!
good luck and baby dust!!!!


NicoleM - May 7

Kaytee, you can get tests for $1 at Dollar Tree if there is one in your area. Good luck and let us know!! BBPLZ, that's right - you are not alone! We all have our good days and bad days, but it helps a lot to have other people to talk to who understand. We've been ttc with no success for over 3 years now. This is my first round of clomid (we have unexplained infertility). I am 4dpo and just waiting... VISTA, sorry AF seems to be on the way - but you never really know until she shows, so I'll keep hoping for you! GRLNXTDOOR, did you start the clomid yesterday? How are you doing? I didn't really have much for side effects, exept a few after I finished the 5th pill. Good luck! TK, how's that little girl? Hi to Mindy. Sorry if I missed anyone!


bbyplz - May 7

Hey there! I just went through and read Part 5 of everyone's postings. So I think I am up to date on everyone's situations now. Kaytee you mentioned having cramping do you remember what cd that was? Today is cd17 for me and I am very crampy. I was yesterday too. Not like period cramps its different. How is everyone else doing? Any BFP's out there? Good luck and Baby dust!!


NicoleM - May 8

Hey girls, how is everyone?


grlnxtdoor022 - May 8

Hi NicoleM! Yes, I actually took my second dose last night. So far, I haven't had any side effects. Its been great. Although, I still have 3 more pills left so something might show up. We'll see. I'm hoping that one round of this is all its going to have to take. How many rounds have you taken? Any success? Lots of sticky baby dust to all!!!!!


grlnxtdoor022 - May 8

NicoleM-I just read through your last post thoroughly. I see that this is also your first round as well. I hope we both have some luck this month!!


vistagirl81 - May 8

AF came yest. im a little sad but atleast i did not get my hopes high, maybe next mo will be my month:P



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