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Mindy1 - December 26

Hi All! I have been reading through all the posts you gals make, and its very supportive, so much though as I would like to join in. I have been actively TTC for 1 year now and I am going on something called "FERTOMID" and it also says Clomifene Citrate as well on the box. Im guessing this is generic clomid (?) Luckily I dont need Provera to start AF, but my Af wont leave. Its CD17 already! I called my dr to see whats up, she told me to start the Fertomid Clomid whatever right now 2 tabs for the next 4 days and by then it should have stopped. Does this sound right? I have gone to the same doctor since I was a child (my moms obgyn) so should I trust this? We have already done blood work to see that I do not O every month and i do not get Af every month either. Help Ladies!


tonyaandjoe - December 26

i don't know. i take clomid from cd 5- cd 9 at 100mg.they should know what they are talking about.i have no idea about that.


wannabeamom - December 26

If you are unsure get a second opinion. I haven't read anything about clomid on cd17. Usually 3-7, 4-8 or 5-9. You can always go to a reproductive endocrinologist. I don't trust OBgyn's anymore to my fertility. GL in whatever you decide. I would be weary of taking it cd17.But who knows.


Mindy1 - December 27

Thanks girls :) I dont know what I should do, but its aggravating! I just want to see a + !!!! I hope 2007 is our year! Do either of you have children yet?


tk07 - December 27

hi mindy! i would think that they are saying for you to take it so you can hopefully ovulate and start a real good cycle next time??? because the meds will bump up your hormones and maybe make your af stop??i don't know, but there is nothing wrong with gettting a second opinion.
it is a generic for clomid, i take a generic too but i think it is just called Clomiphene Citrate.
good luck to you!!!!


leahb5 - December 27

hi mindy i was like you, after a year i went to my ob who is awesome. he did bloodwork showed everything to be fine. i kept spotting every month regardless, he did a laporoscopy(minor infertility surgery) and found endometriosis and a possibe tubal blockage. i was sent then to an re and i wish that he was the one who had done my surgery. i would highly reccomend going to a specialist , esp with as much bleeding as you were having. they will find the problem rather than giving you a pill to stop it every month. i hope this is your year too!! i sure hope its mine! my dh and i have been trying just over 2years. i had my surgery 10mo ago and this month i start injections and iui. i'm so nervous! please keep me updated and any questions please ask!! good luck girl


angel3332 - December 27

Hi ladies, I will be taking Clomid starting my next cycle at 50mg. My cycles are usually around 33 days as opposed to a textbook 28 day cycle. The question I have is this- Will the Clomid "force" a normal cycle length (ie. ovulation around day 14) or should I expect it to fall more into what is a more normal range for me without the Clomid (ie. ovulation closer to day 17)? I know the birth control pill sort of "forces" a false 28 days so I didn't know if other types of hormone therapy would likely do the same. Just don't want to miss my window!!! Any help is appreciated!


Mindy1 - December 27

Oh goodness :-) Hope all of you had a nice holiday.. I just cannot wait for my life to feel full and complete. I keep eyeballing the Clomid dont know if I should take it or just wait, but then again, I dont want to mess anything up. I have never gone to a different doctor besides, so who knows. Can anyone tell me what D &C is or what it means??


tk07 - December 28

Hi angel, for me it shortened my cycle and made me ovulate sooner which was a good thing because sometimes i wouoldn't ovulate until like day 26! but my first month of clomid it was day 14, the second month day 16. and i don't know this month yet. just watch out for those hot flashes! i had some good ones last night! good luck to you!
Mindy, basically i think they do a d&c when you have a m/c and they "clean you out" i believe it is considered surgery. i know there are a couple ways of doing it. i luckily didn't need one after my m/c.
and leah is probably right, there might be something more going on, has your ob/gyn done any tests? like ultrasounds or anything?


Mindy1 - December 28

Hey TK, I was asking about a D& C cuz I have been reading posts on here and I got confused... thanks for the answer though. I never had one. I had a colposcopy due to a dysplasia, but I am TTC regardless.


Mindy1 - December 28

And who is this lady named Cheri? shes a psychic? how does everyone know her? haha.... I was looking at that post and I was just as confused. Im really brand spankin new huh??


angel3332 - December 28

Thanks Mindy, I guess we'll see how it goes. We have been TTC since a miscarriage about a year and a half ago, so we are very anxious to get this show on the road, so to speak. I decided I have had it with all the waiting and I am hoping the Clomid will get things going. I am apparently only ovulating some of the time so my doctor thinks this might do the trick! I sure hope so. I think I am willing to deal with hot flashes if it works. Have you noticed any other side effects?


Mindy1 - December 28

I must say, you ladies are a blessing. its nice knowing there are others like me ready to start this stuff.... Ill definitely keep you in my prayers, hopefully that BFP is coming soon. I cannot start (rather I decided I will not start) Clomid til my next cycle, as I am now CD 19 with AF still here, so I am waiting til she leaves and Im definitely starting clomid on my next cycle. My sister told me that by taking it at night time it helps relieve some symptoms like hot flashes while you sleep. Any other suggestions? What do they recommend about taking clomid and vitex at the same time??? anynoe hear of that? or is that a no-go?


tk07 - December 28

i have heard about taking clomid at night to relieve some symptoms, it is worth a try! i don't have any other side effects besides hot flashes, i can feel it when i ovulate even more now though. i don't know anything about vitex, sorry. cheri is a psychic and you can pay to have her do a reading over e-mail, i think it is like $6 for a basic one. this is her sight:
i have never had one done but a bunch of people have and she apparently is pretty good. i am going to this lady in a few weeks that is awesome so i figured i would just save my $6 since i am going to her anyways! i had to wait 7 months for an appt!
angel, i am sort of in the same situation, i had a m/c about 9-10 months ago and my cycles got completely screwed up from it so i was put on clomid, this is my 3rd month on it and i am hoping i don't have to go more than 4 months on it!
good luck to everyone!


Mindy1 - December 29

Thanks for the info.. But dont worry girls this is a brand new year coming up! I have new insurance that now covers infertility, so I have a appt with a new doctor on January 4th ( I couldnt wait, Im even excited) Can I ask my new dr to monitor me while I am on the Clomid? I think it would be a little weird going to a dr and telling them "I am starting Clomid this cycle per my previous dr's orders"... do they need to see the previous history that I had with my other dr? I know this sounds confusing... I am confused lol!


tk07 - December 29

i think they will probably want to know/see your history. did you do any bbt charts or anything? but clomid is where most Dr's start so i would think that as long as you need it the new Dr would be ok with it!
yeah, they should monitor you during clomid with an ultrasound and a blood progesterone test every month to make sure it is working properly and that your body is reacting ok, like no cysts and your uterine lining not getting too thin.
my u/s is tomorrow for this month and i am hoping to have somewhat large follicles but it will only be day 11 so i am sure they won't be too big.
what area do you live in? i wish my insurance covered all of my infertility stuff, i have to pay 50% of whatever i do, that can really add up!!


Mindy1 - December 29

Hey TK, I live in south Chicago. GL at you u/s tomorrow! My current dr wasnt planning on doing u/s, only the blood tests.I guess we will see whats gonna happen next huh? How long have you been TTC? Its almost 2 full years now in February. Yikes!



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