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Tami - April 1

I just had a miscarriage at 9 weeks after seeing the babys heartbeat. I got pregnant the first month on Clomid. Im going to try Clomid again in a few weeks and am really nervous. Just looking for some Clomid Success stories to make me feel better. Thanks!


Kim - April 1

Try this website just cut and paste. There are two full albums of success stories. It has really helped me. I just finished my first month of clomid. Good Luck!


S - April 1

Best of the Luck,Tami! I am also one of those lucky ones, got preggo on first cycle of Clomid/50 mg, on days 5-9/..even without using ovulation kit...cause I was not hoping that I start ovulate with first shot...but I did! The only effort was that I tried with hubby have sex every other day with Clomid. Hope You will get pregnant soon again, wishing U a healthy baby!


Tami - April 1

Kim & S Thanks!! Im just hoping the Clomid will work the first time again and that this time itll be a healthy pregnancy and baby! S - Congratulations! How many weeks are you now? Im going to go check out that website now. Thanks again!!


s - April 2

Hi Tami, I am tomorrow 10+6 weeks along. Since I have rented doppler at home, I can check babys hearbeat everyday,just to make sure he/she is fine. Clomid is a miracle...and can get person out of frustration from not getting pregnant.I myself was in a pretty bad shape,because after going off pill I didnt get any periods...and got pregg. with Clomid despite that /started to take Clomid blindly in January,got pregnant beginning of February.My last period with pill was more than 1 year ago! Despite all troubles it worked first time.
Chin up, and best of luck with Clomid!


bump - April 19



Christa - July 11

Hello, this is my 4th month on clomid and nothing yet. My husband and I have been trying for a year. I just recently had the die test and he had the seman test done and the results said we are PERFECT, but no baby yet. I am getting frustrated. Any suggestions?


MelissaS - July 12

Hi Tami, I conceived on cycle #2 on clomid. Good luck.


Dak - July 12

Tami, Sorry for your loss. Your story is similar to mine. I conceived my first preg in March 05 with Clomid one cycle 50mg. M/c on 3 June 05. I am also trying it as soon as AF arrives. I fear that I might take long. Is there anyone out there anyone who experience this. If so how long did it take for AF to arrive after the m/c. Baby dust to everyone


Dak - July 12

Hie S, I am happy with your story. Do you now have a baby. You might be very luck. I was luck as well to conceive right after Clomid 50mg but the m/c destroted everying. Good luck to you


Dak - July 12

Christa, Please do not loose hope. It will work for you. Others take time to respond. on what mg are you. I hear the maximum is 200 mg. Keep on trying. You will be in my prayers


Heather - July 12

Tami, most likely the miscarriage had nothing to do with Clomid. Don't give up!! If you need the help of Clomid and it is available to you USE IT. I just startend my 3rd cycle the first 2 were 50mg and this one is 100mg. It will happen to us all.


isra - July 18

tami this is my 3rd cycle of clomid. my due period was 14 th of this month. i have sore breast and little high tepm. idon know i'm preg or not. i want to wait one more week to take hpt. pray for me. and lots of baby dust to everybody. thanks


lisa - July 19

i also had a misscarriage at 9 weeks little over a year ago. we tried for the whole year and nothing! i found out i have polycystic ovaries so now im on clomid 50mg. i have faith so should you. it will work!!!!! prayer is the answer!!!!!!!!!



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