Clomid Side Effects?
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mayliz - January 10

I have recently started Clomid. This was my first month, i took it days 5-9 at 50mg. i am on day 13. During my last 5 days i have had hot flashes, face flushing, light headed and been tired i contacted my doctor's office and they said that i will probably not be able to handle a second dosage because the side effects will get worse. I will probably have to take shots. I previously had cysts on my ovaries which were surgically removed and was told that i would not be able to concieve with out fratility treatment. I am confused, nervous, and frustrated. Any one else had side effects from clomid? Any solutions? Thanks and good luck to all


Tracy88 - January 10

I had every side effect known to man on clomid. I did three failed cycles before moving on to shots and getting PG on the first try. Good luck.


thayward7 - January 10

Those are all side-effects that a lot of women get on Clomid - me included! LOL! I did 4 cycles of Clomid - all with hot flashes, moodiness, fatigues... etc. etc. I'm fairly certain it's "normal".... hope it all works out for you! This cycle I did Clomid with Repronex (injectable), so will see if that did the trick! Smiles... T


tk07 - January 11

hi! i am on my 3rd cycle of clomid and for me the hot flashes were the worst the first month, mostly at night (night sweats) but they are lasting a little longer the past 2 months. i was a little fatigued too. it isn't all bad, hopefully it will work right away for you! good luck!


mayliz - January 14

Thanks for your answers, i am going to see my MD on monday and i would really like to try to do another month on the clomid, knowing that people made it through is a help. Thanks


tonyaandjoe - January 14

if i am not pregnant this month this will be my 4th round on clomid, i got a little nausea but mine is mostly the hot flashes.



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