Clomid questions pls help
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mandz0212 - December 14

I will be starting my third clomid cycle this week. My doctor has also added estradiol and prometrium. I am taking Clomid 50mg days 3-7. The first month on clomid my doctor told me my progesterone level showed I had FINALLY ovulated. Then the second cycle they said that they think I didn't. I had my labs drawn after day 20. It was day 24. My level the first month was approx 12.00 my second level was approx 6.0. Could these levels be due to when my labs were drawn. Why would the first time cause me to ovulate, but not the second?


tk07 - December 14

Hi mandz,
i don't have an answer for you but i just wanted to say that i had something similar my second month of clomid, my second cycle did not go as well at all.
but, what day did you ovulate on? if you ovulated later, then cd24 might not be that late. i don't know my level for my 2nd cycle yet though. but i didn't think it would be that good since i started spotting the day after i got the test done!
i am thinking my dr is going to put me on something extra next cycle.
good luck and baby dust for next cycle!!


tonyaandjoe - December 14

i was told that on progesterone after 5 meant that you o the first time i didn't. then the second time mine was 12. something.


slowpoke01 - December 15

tonya- my doc told me that 10 and over meant that you ovulated but that anything under 10 wasnt good. also he said for a medicated (clomid) cycle that he liked to see the number 15 or over and nonmedicated he like to see 10 or over. with a level of 5 i dont think that you ovulated. anyway good luck to all.


tonyaandjoe - December 15

that is what he said the bigger the #'s is obviously great. but 5 was good, and you still could ovulate. i don't know but so far my dr. has been great.


Tink - December 15

just the mystery of the human body. sometimes it can work, sometimes it doesn't. you just never know. i konw on a medicated cycle, they do like it to be over 15. i would express your concerns to your RE/doc and ask why it could be different and what else they can try and do for you. sometimes it will work and sometimes it just won't. maybe your body stopped responding to the clomid and they need to up the dose or try injectables. i think only 75-80% of women that take clomid respond to it and only like 25% of those it will actually produce a result (pregnancy). so i read anyways.



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