Clomid Questions!
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kdlovesrd - March 14

I've completed my 1st set of Clomid (CD5-9) and I have a couple questions to those who know about this fertility drug. Does Clomid regulate periods in the same way that birth control pills due? The reason I ask is that I have completely irregular cycles so its basically impossible for me to figure out when I O since I cant count back the same # of days it was from my last period as they're all over the map. I am wondering if I'll O 4 days after my last dose (would make it Friday for me) or if that isn't right? Any help is MUCH appreciated! :)


kdlovesrd - March 14

"do" not "due"


mother2Bsoon - March 14

Hi KD. This is my second cycle on clomid 50 MG CD5-9. I didn't get a surge on opks until CD17. My cycles are HIGHLY irregular, AF didn't come at all unless I was on BCP. I would suggest you get opks and test starting on CD 12 at around 2PM and then test every other day as well as begin bding every other day starting on CD15. Clomid does not regulate your cycle, it will only induce ovulation. However, I will say that during my last cycle, AF came on her own with out me taking provera to start. That meant I had a successful ovulation cycle according to my doc, but we didn't get our BFP. She thought we timed it wrong. I think we bd'd too much. So, we are definitely being more strategic this time around. I am currently on CD 16. Many baby blessings to you. Oh yeah, the other thing we changed this cycle is that I am using Preseed and taking mucinex to help with my dh swimmers get to where they need to and with my cervical mucus.


auburnlocks - March 14

Hi I am 26 and my dh is 29 we have been ttc and my doctor put on 50mg of clomid last month days 3-7. I have a regular cycle but my doctor thinks that timing is the problem for us. My cycle was 31 days this month, my average use to be 27-28 but the past couple of months have been 30-31 days. I got my AF :( and my periods usually are pretty heavy for atleast 3-4 days and but last anywhere from 6-7 days. This time I only had medium flow for 2 days and the past couple of days barely anything. This has been a very unusual period for me. Could this be due to the clomid. My sister (who just found out a couple days age that she is pregnant with #3) said that I should test, apparently with #2 she did the exact same thing and then found out that she was pregnant. Since we are ttc I am just not sure if it is wishful thinking.


mother2Bsoon - March 14

I would test to be sure...


vistagirl81 - March 14

my dr. put me on clomid because i have not had my pd, how can i detect when i O??? im not sure if i can O without having a pd in over 3 mo


addie1717 - March 14

Hi Kd, Clomid helped regulate my cycle, but it took a few months. I suffered from a luteal phase defect...clomid, HCG shot and progesterone helped a lot!



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