Clomid question-about ovulation
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D - January 25

Do you ovulate earlier in your cycle if you take the clomid on days 3-7 vs 5-9??? Anyone know???? Which days are better to take. Doc said 5-9 but i've seen so many different days you can take it. advice??


Mega - January 25

That's the theory at least, according to my RE, the earlier you take Clomid the sooner you O. But then it does really vary person to person. Some people O late, some early, some are the "normal" CD14, etc. For me, I have PCOS & always tend to O later in the cycle no matter what days my dr has my take the Clomid. I've started as late as CD 6 or 7, as early as CD 2, & for me it didn't matter. I'd suggest though taking it the days your dr prescribes.


TC - January 27

I agree with Mega. My doc said you MAY ovulate earlier doing it days 3-7 so if I get AF this cycle, he said I can try it on those days.



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