Clomid Question - so many!
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Kelly - June 7

Hi have a question regarding is a little background my situation. I went off the pill in Aug 04, had one period in Sept 04. Nothing after that, found out I was 5 weeks pregnant in January 05 and miscarred shortly after at about 6 weeks. As of March 05, no period. My doctor had me go on the pill for one month to jump start my period, I had a period in April 05 and my doctor did some tests on the 21st day of my cycle (after the period). The blood work showed that I am not ovulating. So he is putting me on progesterine (I think that is what he said) for 10 days so that I will start bleeding, then on the fifth day I am to start clomid for 5 days. Since he called me while I was at work, I wasn't able to get any questions in??!!!? Like will I start ovulating right away? Can we try to conceive right away, or should we wait a month> If we can start right away, when are the days to have intercourse? Should I expect to have a period 28 days after the start of this period I will get from the progesterine? This is all getting so depressing! I'm to the point where I don't even feel in the mood to try! It stinks! Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Baby dust to all.


MelissaS - June 7

Hi Kelly. I started my first round of clomid this cycle. You should ovulate during your normal time. The best way to tell is to chart though. My dr advised me to start bd every other day starting at day 10 through day 20. But, I o'd on 19. So, I would say 10 - 24. They want you to start trying that month. And, generally af is around same length. Good luck and hope that helps. :-)


Kelly - June 8

Thanks MelissaS, I really appreciate your answers. Now I just have to wait for af to arrive (I have to take pills just to start it cause I don't really get my period anymore - which I wouldn't complain any other time ;-). I'll take your advise and try on days 10 - 24....Not sure how to chart temps (this is all new to me) so I will try without this month and see what happens. Good luck to you!


MelissaS - June 8

Hi Kelly. Charting was new to me also but, I found this AWESOME websit that explains it all Then I went to and used their charts. You should try once af comes. You may get lucky and have it happen right away. :-) Good luck.



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