Clomid question - help!
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Molly - August 28

Hi! I am about to start Clomid 50mg on day 5 - 9 of my cycle. But I am confused as to which day is day 1? Is it spotting (which I usually begin with for one day) or when af is heavy - usually the next day after spotting? thank you for your help!


Sara - August 28

Hi Molly, your first day is when you see actual blood. Don't begin day 1 when you see spotting. Hope this helps.:)


Angel - August 28

Hey molly my dr says that the day you see spotting you are supposed to start cause that is when you are starting af but you would have to call your dr to find out what they want you to start with its different with all of them


Toni - August 28

I have a great book called "Taking Charge of your Fertiltiy" and it says day one is the spotting. Hope that helps. But still ask your dr.


Molly - August 29

Thanks everyone!


Jen - August 29

Hi Molly, My doctor said that the 1st cycle day is the first day of spotting. I generally have 2 days of spotting before actual blood, but I still go with the 1st day of spotting to begin my cycle. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!!


Molly - August 30

Thanks Jen, that's really helpful, its all a bit confusing!



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