Clomid question...
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KC - August 22

I have just been prescribed Clomid, 50mg, days 3-7 by my Dr. After coming home and doing my research on Clomid, I have read that the dr. is supposed to be monitoring me. My OB/GYN pretty much just said to call when I wanted a blood test to test for pregnancy. He never said one word about needing to do ultrasounds or anything. Does this sound weird?


Sara - August 22

My OB/GYN sounds the same as yours. I'm currently on 100mg clomid and he just tells me he'll see me every 3 months to see if I'm preg yet. The next time I see him I think I'll ask to get some blood work done to see if the clomid is working. I live in Canada and U/S are not readily available in doc's offices like the U.S. Anyway keep me updated on your progress. Good luck...


Laine - August 22

I was reading this bookcalled "Making A Baby". It stated the downsides of clomid. I will list them for you. This anti-estrogenic action is a double-edged sword,extending to other target organs such as the lining of your uterus(endometrium)and cervix. CC retards endomertrial development and may decrease the possibility of implantation of the embryo.. Clomid may decrease the amount and quality of cervical mucus, thus impeding sperm transport. Precautions to Take: Have a baseline ultrasound scan performed before the first clomid cycle. This will help your doctor exclude ovarian cysts and other pelvic avnormalities that may complicate therapy or make it less effective. Each time you take clomid, your doctor should perform some form of exam, ultrasound or manual (pelvic) to check the number and size of the resulting follicles. In some cases, the use of clomid can alter the ovualation detection kit by causing it to show a false positive on the first day of use because of elevated LH. Ladies I pray that God blesses us with our little bundle of joy in the name of Jesus. We all will come out with a + results


Jullie - August 22

I just finished my Clomid days 3-7 yesterday, 50 mg. I am supposed to go in for a blood test on my 21 cycle day to see if I ovulated, Other than that, no dr. appt. scheduled......



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