Clomid Question.
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SaintRose83 - January 17

I took Clomid for the first time this cycle, days 5-9. I haven't ovualted yet, and it is already day 17. I'm starting to think it didn't work. I was sick with a cold the past week, does that have anything to do that? Any advice would be great...


tk07 - January 17

you might still ovulate, i take mine on days 3-7 and ovulate on cd16. what are you doing to keep track of ovulation? opk or bbt charting? or something else?
good luck!!!!!


lyric - January 17

I am also on clomid. My doc said to start at 50mg if I O great. If not then he would bump me up to 100mg. Well I did O on 50mg my first cycle. Second cycle as well but prog level not as high. so I am being bumped up to 100mg this month. It happens. I know ppl that didn't O until they took 150 mg. Is your doc doing a CD21 BT? or U/s?


SaintRose83 - January 17

I am doing OPK and BBT charting. No my doctor has not said to come back in after taking the pills. No U/S, no bloodwork. I already know I have low progestrone, and I have supplements to take if I ovulate. So I guess they think doing the bloodwork is unnecesary. They did want to see me again be4 taking another dose though... but I have not made that appt. Just hoping I ovulate soon.


slowpoke01 - January 17

sAINT-they should really be monitoring you through ultrasound while you are on clomid to make sure that it isnt causing cysts on the ovaries or causing your uterine lining to thin. i take clomid on days 3-7 and i think that i read that taking it days 5-9 will make you ovulate later in your cycle and it is usually given on these days to women who have short cycles.


SaintRose83 - January 17

When should I go in for an US to make sure I don't have cysts?? I am on cycle day 18 now, and have not ovulated yet.


tk07 - January 17

hi! you probaly should have gone in already or really like tomorrow. but they should have told you if you have to come in or not... slowpoke is right, i get monitored with an u/s every month and the first 2 months with a blood progesterone to make sure it was all going good. maybe give them a call and ask. good luck!


s_80 - January 18

i've been prescribed provera and clomid 50mg days3-7 .when should i start testing if i'm ovulating ..doc said day 10-14 but what if i ovulate after...when did u guys test for ovulation?


slowpoke01 - January 18

if you have a regular 28 day cycle then start testing on day 10. i have a regular cycle and i usually get a surge day 13 or 14. keep testing until you get your surge. good luck


s_80 - January 20

my cycles are v.irregular so i guess i should test from cd10-cd17 ..what do u think


lyric - January 20

me too. I get monitored cd14 for cysts and a cd21 bt. If I have any pain I go for another u/s towards the end of my cycle. They should have done a complete blood workup on you before they started you on the clomid. starting with an u/s to make sure there aren't any cysts. I O around cd14 taking it cd5-9. this month i will be taking 100mg b/c last was a bust. cd2 for me!



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