Clomid Question?
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Juliebell - May 10

Well my dh and I have been ttc for about 16mos now witha mc in the middle. My dr has now suggested starting meds to see if that helps. He has prescribed metformin, and clomid for my next cycle. What I am wondering is how does the metformin help? Any help y'all could offer would be great! Thank you:)


Juliebell - May 11



jennifer_33106 - May 12

I know that They will prescibe metformin if you have PCOS. I am starting clomid as well next cycle. Are you nervous at all?


slowpoke01 - May 12

metformin regulates your insulin if you have pcos or if they suspect that you do they may give you this to regulate your insulin since women with pcos have issues with insulin most of the time.dh's grandmother is taking this because she is diabetic to regulate her insulin but it is used on women with pcos as well. clomid will help your eggs grow. docs give this to women who dont always ovulate on their own or to women who fall in the unexplained infertility category. my doc gives it to me to help increase the chance of me getting pregnant because the clomid makes you produce more than one egg or follicle and so the sperm have more than one target and so thats how clomid increases your chances. most women with pcos are given metformin and clomid together. you should ovulate about 5-9 days after taking clomid. good luck to you.


Juliebell - May 14

slowpoke, thank you very much for your response, I am still a little puzzled as to why my dr would prescribe this when I don't have pcos or diabetes,,but maybe its just a precaution. jennifer, I am soooo nervous to start clomid, but excited, I am glad to have a little help in the ttc department, after trying for what seems like forever and mc. are you nervous as well, when will you start taking it? I won't until my next cycle, maybe two weeks. Keep in touch, and take care!!!



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