Clomid question
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marymo - February 22

Is anyone on Clomid and are ovulating and having regular cycles? Also, are you taking Progesterone along with the Clomid? Thanks!!!


jg - February 23

I am taking clomid even though I regularly ovulate on my own.... Not taking progesterone....usually my lining is a good measurement without it. What's your story?


marymo - February 23

My doc gave me two options, either the progesterone or the Clomid. I have regular cycles, always have, she tested my progesterone, last year it was 8, last week it was at 10. All other bloodwork checked out fine. She thought my progesterone could be higher. So Im starting on progesterone suppos., I might try those for 2 or 3 months and if nothing , may try the Clomid. How much Clomid are you on? How long have you been on it?


sharerc - February 23

I'm taking clomid, estrogen, and progesterone. I've only done one month and didn't check to see if I was ovulating. So, we'll see how this month goes. What form of progesterone are you on? Prochieve is what I am using right now. And I was on 100 mg last month of Clomid. She's upped me to 150 this month. Let's get this show on the road!


kl99 - February 23

I am also on Clomid and have regular cycles, but the doctor said my estrogen level was low. The real issue we have is with my husband's sperm. He has 20% morphology. The doctor is hoping to increase my estrogen to help with egg production to increase our odds. We are doing our 1st IUI this cycle with 100mg of clomid.


omkslb - February 23

I am on metformin (for PCOS) and it has helped me to have a cycle for about 2 years now. However I still didn't ovulate. I took clomid starting at 50mg on up to 150mg for 5 months 1/1/2 yrs ago. I was producing follicles and getting the HCG shot but it didn't work. We took a break ttc. We just started trying again in Dec. This is my 2nd cycle on the same fertility cocktail of 200mg clomid (cd 3-7), estrogen (cd 8-12) had ultrasound and HCG shot on cd 13 (had 3 really good follicles this month) and started prometrium (progestrone) CD 17 until I test .. if I get a BFP then i will continue to take it my first trimester. If i get BFN. i will stop taking the prometrium until the next cycle.


angelkitty - February 23

Marymo - I used clomid 50 mg this cycle with IUI and got a BFP today.


jg - February 23

I am on 50mg Clomid. I used it once, for one cycle in 2004 and got pregnant on that cycle (after 5 years TTC) and this is my first cycle again after having my son. Good luck to you! :-)


marymo - February 23

Angelkitty, congratulations!!!! That gives me hope. JG, do they usually start you on 50mgs? Ive heard you could start with a lower dose of 25 mgs? I may try that. Im hoping just the progesterone may help, but I highly doubt it will work just by itself. Clomid kinda scares me, the whole twin thing. I already have two children, conceived them without problems right off the bat. But at this point, after trying for 2 1/2 years, I may consider it. Thanks for the input!!!!


carrot top - February 24

Hi Girls! I will be starting my first cycle of clomid on Monday. My hubby and I have been trying for 3 years and besides for DH having slightly low and slow sperm there is nothing wrong. So the Doctor put me on 100 mg to just boost the chances of the sperm coming in contact with an egg. So JG, you got pregnant on the first round? Thats great! I'm very skeptical of it helping because you hear so many women say it didn't help them. Were you ovulating on your own before clomid? Thanks gals!


karenk - February 24

I am on my second round of Clomid and am pregnant. I also got pregnant my first round on Clomid, but quickly miscarried. I ovulate on my own, and had extremely regular cycles, but had progesterone levels during luteal phase that were within normal limits, but could have been higher. My RE told me that low progesterone is usually a sign of "ineffective" ovulation, thus gave me the Clomid to help boost it. My regular ob/gyn had given me progesterone supplements without the Clomid, but my RE told me that would not solve the underlying problem. Oh, my Clomid dose was 100mg cds 3-7. Hope that helps.


marymo - February 24

KarenK, thats kind of the answer I was looking for. Im wondering if the progesterone by itself is going to work then? My progesterone was 10, which isnt terribly low. I may just jump and do the Clomid. She was going to start me on low dose of like 25mg, I wonder if this is enough? Has anyone tried 25 mg? or is it mainly 50 and 100? I know Clomid can also increase the progesterone levels.


jg - February 24

Marymo I believe that 50mg it the usual starting dose, increasing up to 200mg. I haven't heard of 25mg........I am in Australia though, things might be different here. :-) Carrot top, yes I got pregnant the very fist time using Clomid. I had done 5 x IVF before that, had lots of operations and tried lots of other medications/herbal remedies. I attribute my pregnancy to Clomid. And yes I was ovulating normally and regularly but my specialist thought that this might "boost" my chances of conceiving. YAY it worked! Hopefully it will work again :-). This is my first cycle on Clomid since I had my little boy. Hopefully it will work first time again, but knowing my luck ,probably not <roll-eyes>.


jg - February 24

Marymo, I only learned recently that Clomid DOES help with the progesterone levels, so that might be worth trying for you - the progesterone alone might not be enough whereas the Clomid helps with that as well as helping with follies. Ugh what a game we play! Won't know what will work until it works!!


blueangel - February 24

My Dr will put me on Clomid next month even though I ovulate regulary. I believe I will be on low dose, will ask him more questions when I see him.


carrot top - February 27

Hi girls, I just took my first dose of Clomid tonight. I ovulate regularly, but my hubby hasn't got the best sperm. So the doctor prescribed 100mg of clomid on days 5-9. I'm trying not to get excited by it. I don't want to get my hopes up. I would really love for this to be my month. It would make for a December baby which would work out perfectly for many reasons! I hope we all get our BFP's soon! Praying for you all!



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