Clomid Question
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Tammy - July 25

Has anyone ever had there doctor put them on provera to induce there period first and then after there period comes to start taking clomid???? has this ever worked in getting pregnant????


gretchen - July 25

I took provers and then the clomid, I am now on cd 18, I hope it works.


Tammy - July 25

hi gretchen.... well i will start clomid next month... i hate waiting.. lol.. but it is part of the process.... when will u find out if your are pregnant??


gretchen - July 25

I goto the doctor Thurday to see if I ovulated.


hello - July 25

hi guys this was me 5 months ago i was given provera and clomid and yes it worked 4 me the 1st time around i am now 5 and hald months pregnant i def recommend u try it it gave me my 2nd miracle xxxx


Tammy - July 25

Thanks so much for the information.... that sounds very reassuring ..... Hey hello are u having twins or just one??? thanks for all the help and info!!!


gretchen - July 25

Thanks hello that makes me feel alot better,



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