clomid question
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becky - May 7

i just have a quick question, i took my first month of clomid and af came on day 33 of my cycle on it's own so that means i ovulated right well this is my second month and it is now day 37 and nothing. I took a hpt and a BFN which sux but since i ovulated the first time and af came on it's own shouldn't af come again on it's own?


Heather - May 7

Do you chart your temp??


becky - May 7

no i havn't charted my temp but i know i should i was using home ovulation kits


Becky - May 7

Did your doc not perform a blood test or ultrasound after the first round. About day 21? That is how doc knows if you are ovulating or to up the dose. Best of Luck!!


Heather - May 7

If you have been using opk's have you gotten any positives?


shannon - May 7

Doctors can also do a blood days around cd 23 to see if you have ovulated. They check your progesterone levels and if they are high enough, it means that you have ovulated. I am also on clomid and had periods on my first two cycles but none on my third cycle of clomid. I only had spotting. I am now about 14 days late for af and have done two blood tests and both neg even though I ovulated. Not sure what is happening. My doctor just said to wait and see if af comes this month. I still have about 2 weeks to wait to see if it will come and am very anxious to see what will happen.


becky - May 7

my doctor has not done blood tests yet he said my third round he would but i'm still waiting for af and i got positive opk this last month so i'm just lost i will talk to my doctor on monday and see what he thinks.


Kelly - May 8

Becky, my doc started me on Clomid and I go in on day 21 after my first round so that way if I did not ovulate, she can up the dosage. I would def. check w/ your doc. soon. If you are not ov then it seems to me that would be a waste of time. But, listen to your doc and I wish you well!!!



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