clomid query
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marie - April 19

hello, i was just wondering how long it takes to get pregant on clomid.and what should i do if when i take my first cycle of clomid i do not have a period.thanks


Heather - April 19

Marie you have to have a period before you take the clomid. What dose are you on?


Jennifer - April 19

My doctor gave me provera to induce a period when I didn't start after cycle of clomid.


marie - April 19

hello, heather i have not had a period for 3 months and i have been trying to concive for 2 years. i was put on metformin and it did not he gave me clomid 50g and he said that these will make me have a period.i have took my first cycle 2 weeks ago but i have not had a period and i am really confused


lucy - April 28

i never had a period when i was put on clomid and it started my periods so i wish u the very best of luck


~K~ - April 28

Marie... In reference to your clomid query, i am in the same position as you. I actually called my doc about 20 min ago to ask that same question. I was put on clomid yesterday for 5 days. So today i am on day 2. My doc says that if i do not get a period that i am to call so they can do a sonogram and check blood work. I can tell u this...I had a M/C about 2 months ago. The doc told me that clomid will actually help reduce the risk of M/C but it will not eliminate it. Trying to concieve a child is a very tedious process and worrying can make it worse. Just relax. Take the clomid as prescribed and enjoy the experience. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


mi 1 - April 28

There is no specific time on how long it will take to conceive on clomid. I have been on clomid for 6 months. If you dont have a period on clomid then it means your probably not ovulating. Your dose might need to be raised. I dont ovulate on 50 mg. but I do on 100mg.


marie - May 6

thanks all for your message it was really good to hear from some one who knows what i am going though,i did get my period,thanks again.



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