Clomid/Prometrium question. Please Help!
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CJ - August 27

I am about to start my second round of Clomid 100mg. I did not ovulate on 50mg. My doc started me on Prometrium on CD 35 to start AF. Well today I started AF but I still have about 6 more Prometrium tablets to go. So, should I stop the Prometrium now that I got AF or should I continue taking it? I have to start my Clomid on CD3: should I still be taking Prometrium while taking the Clomid? Anyone have a similar situation and know what to do before I try and wait for the doc to call me!


Julie - August 27

I believe there is always the chance that you can be taking both meds at the same time. My dr. told me to finish taking all the Prometrium even if I started my AF... Hope that helps!


For CJ - August 27

Hi CJ, if your concerned I would call your local pharmicist and get their opinion. Your doc should have discussed it with you in more detail.



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