Clomid, progesterone, estrogen & weight gain
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isasmom - August 10

I have been going through fertility treatments since November of last year. I did conceive and miscarry in March at 9weeks. With all of the hormones I am wondering if this is causing my weight gain as I have gained 20 pounds. Have any of you experienced any weight gain with your treatments?


KellyN - August 10

Hi isasmom! I am taking clomid and projesterone and Avandia (for PCOS). I'm currently at 130 lbs, but my dr says I will gain some weight in the process of ttc because of all the hormones and such. This is my first cycle with the hormones, and no weight gain yet, but I'm expecting it. -kelly


Lena - August 10

Oh Yeah!! And bloating too! My legs and arms are fine, but my abdomen and waist are another story. I've had the "PMS Pouch" since I restarted clomid this year, and now that I'm pg I've bloated even more. Today I'm wearing my "fat girl" cargo pants because nothing fits and I don't even have to pull the drawstring. In March, just before taking clomid, these same pants were so loose they would fall to the ground if I didn't cinch them tight.



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