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Mandi24 - April 24

How many people take Generic or Name Brand.. and who has conceived taking which one???
Thanks for the information.. Good luck everyone and lots and lots of baby dust****!!!


Cloe - April 24

I am taking brand name Clomid. Took 6 cycles. I am waiting now to see if the last cycle will bring a BFP. Good luck :)


wannabeamom - April 24

I, like Cloe, have just finished my 6th clomid cycle. I am on CD 21, 8 dpo. I am also hoping this is the luck month. I use the generic clomiphene citrate. The 1st 3 cycles I was at 50mg and did not O 2 of those cycles. Cycle 4-5 was at 100mg. I O'd both times. The 6th was up'd to 150mg. I O'd as well. My only issue is that I have "hostile mucous", which can be a s/e. I didn't have it until I started 100mg & 150mg. So I started using Preseed as a lubricant. It is the only one that that claims it isn't harmful to sperm. That includes saliva! Who knew. Cloe are you the same Cloe in TTC in April thread? Where are you in your cycle, which cd? I will say that my sister in law conceived twins on clomiphene citrate her 1st cycle. That was 13 years ago. Well keep us in the loop of what is going on with you Mandi24. Babydust.


MuzikGurl - April 24

I didn't know there was a generic I asked for generic at the drug store but the pharmistis-sp?? told me that it doens't come in generic. But anyways I took it I guess the name brand one and conceived on 2nd round 50 mgs. I paid for a a 100 mgs for my third but found out two days later after I paid for it that I was pregnant already..didn't know. so, I'm stuck with 100mgs in my closet I guess I can keep them just in case I have trouble conceiving number two or if I m/c with this one..I am currently I think 6-7 weeks pregnant now. good luck! By, the way come u don't say hi to me anymore??? i miss you curious on how things are going for you...let me know! take care~!


KristRye - April 24

I took the brandname one for two cycles of three at 50mgs each and then I did a seventh cycle at 100mgs. Never got a BFP.


Mandi24 - April 24

sorry to hear that Kristrye... what are you doing now to conceive??? or have you conceived?? thanks for the information and good luck


Mandi24 - April 24

i wish you lots of luck cloe.. ill be praying for your bfp ... and cograts muzikgurl, and good luck and lots of baby dust wannabeamom


Cloe - April 24

Wannabeamom, this is the same Cloe :) I am on CD 19. I think I may be ovulating today. I am really really hoping for a BFP! MuzikGurl, I miss talking with you too! I didn't mean to not say hello, I haven't seen any posts from you lately on our thread. I want to know how your pregnancy is going. When is your appointment? Thanks Mandi for your baby dust wishes! Take care everyone and baby dust to all!!


KristRye - April 25

I just started going the IUI route. I am on CD #5 and am taking Repronex. Hopefully it will work. :) Hang in there....Clomid does work for a lot of people. Baby Dust to all of you. :)


SashaP - April 25

I took generic and I got my bfp yesterday. My dr dosen't think that it matters if you take generic or name brand.


Cloe - April 25

Keep us posted with your IUI KristRye! Baby Dust for Everyone!


wannabeamom - April 25



Mandi24 - April 25

congrats!!!!! Sasha... how many rounds of clomid did you have to take and what days did you take them on.. also what was the mg that you were taking??? thanks for the information sasha .. and i hope you have a wonderful 9months!!!! through some babydust our way


MuzikGurl - April 25

cloe, i moved my appt. to the 8th so my dad can take me considering my hubby got a new job and won't be able to take me and I don't like going alone considering this is my first prenatal appt. it was on the 5th but, I moved it on the 8th now. so two weeks i will see the dr. according to my calculations I should be about 6-7 weeks along now doesn't feel too bad...I'm actually feeling ok not as bad as I thought I was going to be. when I see the dr. I should be 2 months or 8 weeks or 9 weeks along. 1st trimester seems like forever...lately here I have been looking at baby stuff even bought a few outfits for newborns. I bought a few clothes for me also. I need to go buy a body pillow JCPenny's has one that's very verstile and kinda neat I'm gonna get so I can sleep better at nights. So, far I'm only cramping a little bit here and there, very exhausted feeling been taking prenatal vitamins and trying to eat more raw veggies to help with that and my issues with constipation I was praying I wouldn't get it but I did.=( but it's not too bad of a boobs have grown already!! I naturally have size 46DD but I think they have grown into 46-48DDD or F...ugh....but I'm glad many stores carry bra sizes that big enough so I can be more comfortable. Hubby and I picked out names and everyone here thinks I'm having twins...(I hope not..but, in a way it would be neat)....we picked out so far one girl name and one boy name. We thought about Jacob Wayne ( Wayne is my father and brother's middle name so we are passing it down) and the girl we thought about Katlyn Ann ( Ann is my mom's and my hubby's mom's middle name) what do you girls think?? btw, don't hesitate anyone to as any questions I'm alwasy on here and I love responding and helping out I'm here for all of you...I'm crossing my fingers for you all...oh yea! SashaP CONGRATS! When are you due I think I am due anywhere between Dec. 11th and the a week before x-mas our little x-mas angel baby...or santa's little, good luck to everyone and take care!!!


terrie - April 26

Muzikgurl, I've read your posts. Congrats on your pregnancy. I am on my 5th cycle of clomid--3-7. My doc started me on 5-9, but it caused me to have a 34 day cycle. I changed myself to 3-7, my cycles are 28 days. I'm on day 6 today. Hope to ovulate next Wed. We, too, plan to name our baby girl (when and if she comes) Katylin. Everytine I hear the name, I feel like its some sort of sign.


Cloe - April 26

MuzikGurl, those are cute names. I like them. I think that DH and I have quit the BD too early each month, and that has contributed to our problem. I am gonna start the OPK tests next month to help. Currently I am not doing anything to tell when I am ovulating besides relying on my ovulatory symptoms. Currently I am on CD 21, AF should hopefully not show up by May 9. But my oppointment is May 4, kind of a little too early to know if prego or not. AF will not have arrived, and we will be discussing our next steps.



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