Clomid on weird days...anyone else???
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Cloe - April 3

Thank you so much MuzikGurl! I hope you are feeling better soon too! AF is not due until Wednesday, so maybe I tested too early.


Marsha - April 6

Here is something I found online: "Clomiphene citrate comes in 50-mg tablets that are taken on days 5-9 of your cycle or, less typically, on days 4-8 or 3-7. There is some preliminary research that indicates that an earlier start date may result in more pregnancies, but most gynecologists continue to prescribe it for days 5-9. One recent study (Biljan et al, cited below) actually tried prescribing Clomid on cycle days 1-5. While none of the participants in their day 5-9 group resulted in pregnancy, 24 percent of the women who took Clomid on days 1-5 were able to conceive." http://www.conceivingconcepts.


MuzikGurl - April 7

Marsha, That's insane!! I see the doctor tomorrow morning at 9am I'm gonna ask him why and mention that research, then see what he has to say. Meanwhile I think I'm ovulating for the past 5-6 days I've been cramping off adn on but funny DH and I haven't had sex for the past 5-6 days...only because we aren't in the mood and I've been sick but, I'm finally over it now..hoping not too later but, I'm gonna see what the dr. has to say tomorrow. I'll post when I get back. Cloe, did you start yet??? Today is Thursday going on Friday....hope u didn't start!!! crossing fingers!!! well, I'll be back on here in the morning sometime...hope all is well with the both of you, take care now!!! ****baby dust****


Cloe - April 7

AF started yesterday morning :( So back to the drawing board! Hopefully you will have better luck! *~*~*~*~*Baby Dust*~*~*~*~*~*~*


MuzikGurl - April 8

Hey Cloe! look on the bright side at least ur not at a guessing game...I mean, I went to the doctor and he told me the reason he put me on clomid on days 6-10 is because he has a record of his patients becoming pregnant faster at my age if they take it later in their cycle than sooner...and the risks are minimal(-sp?) And I asked him about other test to prove I am ovulating and he said that when I charted before I started clomid my temps weren't high and they were all over the place but since I've started the clomid I am becoming more predictable or something along those lines. But I am ovulating right now, but he expects me to have my period by day 38 I'm on day 33 now. But if I don't start and my temps are still high then to come back for a pg. test if my temps drop and no af then do a hpt if neg. then start the clomid again but this time 100mgs. (this past ovulation was too late so he wants me to ovulate sooner), and if my temps do drop and af does come then take it on days 6-10 again. I go back I think the first week of may or second week for my next check up so we will see how it goes. I'm sorry cloe about AF but, at least u know...when do u start clomid again or are you??? how many mgs.? When do u see the dr. next?? I was really hoping this was ur month but then again I was hoping this is my month too but as the way it looks with dh and I not having sex as much as we should (lack of a sex drive it seems on both parts) I might be having AF within the next week or so along with you. Well, I'm here for you, take care of yourself...and go eat some ice cream and get drunk just cause you know you can! =) take care!


Cloe - April 8

Most of what your doctor said sounds reasonable to me. You do need to ovulate sooner, because the later you ovulate the less healthy the egg is, and less chance of getting pregnant. Some women ovulate around day 13, and others not until day 16 or 17, but that is the general ballpark of when you want to be ovulating to ensure healthy eggs. The only thing is, if your doctor would have you take the Clomid earlier in the cycle, then you might ovulate sooner in the cycle as well, and not have to up your dose. I am not positive on that one, but it was my understanding that ovulation takes place a certain number of days past your last Clomid pill, so I would think the sooner you finish the sooner the ovulate :) I am on 50 mgs of Clomid, and my next appointment is May 4. I do find it easier now because at least I do not have to wait forever between AF visits. Before I took Clomid my cd ranged anywhere from 31-65 days, and I never knew whether I should wear a pad or not! It was extremely frustrating because I thought that surely making it to 60 days I would have to be pregnant, but I always tested BFN. I just thought I was one of those women who didn't show up ++++ until later on. My Mom was one of them. She never knew she was pregnant until closer to 3 months. My dh and I are also having sex drive problems too. One month we only BD once, that that really upset me because it wasn't even the right time, and I thought it was such a waste of a Clomid month. We both work full time, and so we are tired alot. DH says he finds himself under a lot of pressure to perform. I understand how you guys feel. I sat him down and explained that it isn't any easier for me either and that we have a choice - we can make the best of it and do everything in our power to conceive with the Clomid, or not try and then not be able to have a child without invitro or IUI, or adopting. I don't think we could afford the IUI or invitro. Clomid is only given for a short time, and then if unsuccessful you have to move on to another fertility treatment, or more testing. My dh now tries much harder, he didn't realize the predicament we were in. Once you put it like that then, it is a bit of a rude awakening, and suddenly "not tonight honey" seems more lame. (sp?) I am also here for you, I am really glad I found this forum, because I found that no one really understood how I feel, and how hard this really is. Everyone around me has no trouble having children, and they think we just need to relax and it will happen. What a joke! Relax, right!! Good luck MuzikGurl. Many doctors do prescribe Clomid days 5-9, so one day won't make that much difference. Hopefully the 100 mg will do the trick.


MuzikGurl - April 10

Hey Cloe! how are you feeling?? I'm feeling ok but, starting to get bored on the weekends so I went and bought some wine coolers and got buzzed off of them last night (not drunk). I figured, if it can't hurt me during ovulation cause think about it, back in the 60s and 70s all the women out there who smoked out and got drunk and still ended up pregnant, I figured it's cool if I do too. I am still's been like a week or so, dr. is expecting me to start af within the next three days..?!?! I don't feel like it's gonna happen...but we will see. I'm gonna call him and ask if he still wants me to take the clomid even if I don't start AF in three days and my temps are still high...I mean can it hurt me if I take it while I'm already ovulating??? humm...oh well...trying not to worry about. Hubby and I are trying harder now past two days we've been having sex at least once a day...and I'm thinking we might do it again tonight but we will see. Well, I'll let you know if any changes...I do have to say though my boobs hurt like hell though and I've been hungry all the time now. Guess I'll wait and see. well, take care now!


Cloe - April 10

Hey MuzikGurl, I thought your doctor wanted you to test first before taking the next dose of Clomid, if your temps are still high or if they are low. My temps never drop until after my period has already started. I asked the doctor about that and he said it is perfectly normal. I don't think you have anything to worry about, because like the doctor said, you ovulated way to late. The chances of being pregnant this month are very slim. The pregnancy test is just a safeguard, to ensure there is no pregnancy before taking the next dose of Clomid. I also agree it is okay to have the odd drink while ttc. It is relaxing, and that may even help things. But anything more than that can actually impair fertility. When thinking about the women in the 60s and 70s you have to consider of that group were probably many women that have no trouble conceiving at all. I have one friend that is so fertile that she only tried for 1 month with success. People like that can probably get pregnant no matter what they do. I wish you lots of luck MuzikGurl. I don't think you are pregnant this month because of what you said your doctor said, but I really hope that next month is your month. ~*~*~*Baby Dust*~*~*~


MuzikGurl - April 11

Hey r u doing today? I hope much better af should be over soon, am I right? I'm supossed to start af tomorrow and my dr. wants me to take my 100mgs. tomorrow even if I don't start my af but if I do then take it on days 6-10 again like last month. But, I'm scared what if my temps don't drop and it seems high like I'm still having ovulation...I don't wanna take the clomid if I'm still in the process of ovulating...I don't know if it's ok or not..??? I'm am currently 10dpo now so...last month I was 10 days into ovulation and on day 11 I started AF but didn't know it was coming at the time it just came outta the blue so maybe it will come tomorrow maybe it won't, I don't know and it's fustrating...but like u said I don't think I'm pregnant .....yet....but, I sure hope to be. By the way the other night I only drank a few drinks that one night and that was it I hardly ever drink I maybe drink 1 night out of 6 months or more of being sober. I don't smoke either. I'm realitively in good health besides being over weight but, I'm working on it...and my dr. doesn't see it being that big of a deal since I am responding to the pills and my blood pressure and everything is normal. I'm not having any problems so it's ok. I am hoping to be pregnant by the end of the year...assuming dh's sperm is good and I keep doing whatever it is I am doing and we time it right. I hope you get pregnant really soon too! I'm praying for both of us....with fingers crossed and everything! Well, best of luck with everything! take care!


Cloe - April 12

I hope you get pregnant too!!!! Your temps can stay high until after your period has already started. You could test first, and then if negative then take the pills. Before I took my first set of Clomid I was in those shoes. Didn't know when my period was going to start. So, the doctor gave me a deadline for AF. If af didn't show up I was to do a HCG test, and if negative I could take the Clomid anyway. Luckily I actually ovulated on my own that month so I didn't have to test, AF started on day 28. I did not tell the doctor, because I was scared he would take back the prescription.


Cloe - April 12

How are you doing today? What did you decide to do about the Clomid? Just checking in to see how you are doing :)


MuzikGurl - April 12

Hey you!!! I went to bed last night so early around 9pm usually I'm not sleepy until 12ish I had a little small ache that came on suddenly...don't know what it was so I went to bed early. Around 12:30 last night I woke up thinking it was morning already but it was only I took my temp anyways and it was 98.6 it went UP!! The day before it was only 98.1 and the day before that was 98.1. I got up went to go pee cause I felt like I had to go which was unusal for me to go in the middle of the night I never go in the middle of the night. I then had a few sips of water then went back to bed. I woke up again about 9am and took my temp. my thermonitor remembers the last temp that was taken so I checked it jsut to be sure and it was 98.6 then I took my temp when I woke up at 9 am and it was the same!!! 98.6 I couldn't believe it! I didn't do that last month on clomid after my 10th day past ovulation I dropped down and had my period but not this month....I didn't drop! I took a 99 cent store brand test with first morning urine and it was neg. =( I called the dr. to see if I still should take the next round of clomid and the nurse said she will talk to the dr. and call me back later...that was at 9 something this morning...dr. wasn't in the office yet. I gave her my number to call me back but, unfortunately I don't have voicemail I have an answering machine so, I don't know yet if she called me back today or not. Right now I'm at my parents house I shortly after I talked to the nurse my dad called to see if I wanted to go running around with him and of course I left and been gone ever since then. I hope she left a message for me when I go home. By the time I get home it will probably be late and their office might be closed. I have been cramping horribly all day thinking af is here but, everytime I go to the restroom nothing. I been feeling like I have to go pee alot too. My breast are sore and esp. my nipples...they are sooooo tender. Unfortunately, these signs are all symptoms of PMS and early af signs. I'm so exhausted...and slightly emotional too. I started to cry over room spray. I wanted some room spray at the store but, dh only had 5 bucks on him and spent it on a stupid home magazine...for himself. It pissed me off....I'm very irritable...maybe af will show up tonight or in the morning...I'll let you know when I get home what the dr. says about me and taking clomid if they leave a message. And let you know if AF shows up or not. I hate the anticipation...not knowing!! ugh....well, I hope all is well with you...are you gonna take clomid this month again? if so what days? I remember you said you take it on days 2-6 so, you should be done with it right??? let me know! I'm curious! Hope for the best with you!!! take care!! *~*~*~*~*BABY DUST*~*~*~*


JB0405 - April 12

HI Ladies...
I am VERY new to this site and saw your posting and wanted to chat with you... I have had irregular peiods ever since I started having periods... I have a host of issues: from PCOS to taking synthroid for my hypothyroidism; to taking glucophage for my insulin resistance all in an effort to help get my ovulation on track. In March my period came on its own for the first time in a long time and on the, I believe, 3rd day I was put on clomid and then on a patch to help thicken the lining of my uterus... The dr. performed an intra-vaginal ultrasound to see if any follicles were formed...and there were 3... after a few days or so a dominant follicle takes over and the others dissolve.. has this happened to any of you yet? Then I was given an HCG shot last week and I self injected 2 days ago and have to wait till next friday to find out if we are pregnant or not... the waiting is annoying and the weird feeling in my stomach makes it even harder to wait... I hope that all goes well for you.....GOOD LUCK


JB0405 - April 12

Also on the week of the first HCG shot, we had to be intimate that day and the following 2 days...that was last week... and now we don't HAVE TO so it's just for fun... but we haven't since Saturday... between work, school and the gym, I have been pretty tired...


MuzikGurl - April 12

haha...funny as soon as I finished my last message my mother said my dr. called her number which used to be my number...but didn't leave a message....I'm gonna go call him right now......( calling the dr.....*ring, ring, ring*....).....well, nevermind.,..his office closed at 1pm today and it's 3:30ish right now...UGH!!!! So, I paged him but his answering service lady was VERY rude!! >( I do not like her! I made her page him so, I'm waiting on a call back from him but I'm gonna let him know that she is very rude! Well, I'll get back on here when I hear back from my dr. ok? I'll be sure to let you know hopefully before tonight. Take Care!


MuzikGurl - April 12

Hi JB0405! No, I have never gone through what u are going through. All I take is clomid on certain days and that's it. Don't know about Cloe either....maybe she can help?? Sorry. But I wish you the best of luck though!



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