Clomid on different days???WHY?
2 Replies
soimpatient - July 14

Why do doctors prescribe clomid on different days? What is the difference of taking it on different days? It doesn't make sense, shouldn't this be standard? Any thoughts?


slowpoke01 - July 14

soimpatient i think it depends on the doctors preference and how many days you have in your cycle i think that the longer your cycle is then the later in your cycle that you take it hope that helps


kiza - July 16

I usually take my clomid cd5-9 and have conceived twice doing this once with twins, I have just finshed another dose with af showing up this morning. I'm thinking that I might try cd3-7 this month as I seem to have longer cycles on the 5-9 plan. Anyone else with the same sort of experience?



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