Clomid on different days?????????
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Neuza - June 7

Hi ladies,
I have been trying to conceive for 3 years...but nothing!!!! 8 months ago i was diagnosed with PCOS, my partner done all the test & his fine. I started clomid 3 months ago; days 3-7 for the first 2 months & this month will be days 1-5. I feel very confused... any of u ladies had clomid on differents days like me?????



kiza - June 8

Hi Neuza, I conceived on my first round of clomid on days 5-9, I ended up with twins. I also conceived again using clomid on my second cycle also using 5-9 Unfortunately my son had holoprosencephaly and was born to early to survive. I have read about more success using clomid on 1-5 than 3-7. I think it depends on the doctors preferance. Good luck any how and let us know how you get on.


Neuza - June 8

Hi Kiza, thanks for your reply & for the information u provide me. I am very sorry about your son....i wish u all the best on live. I wil let u know how thing goes this month.... by taking clomid 1-5.



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