clomid my first round
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Elh83 - May 4

Hey ladies,
im taking clomid for the first time. Ive always had long irregular cycles. After 2 miscarriages i finally got a complete work up on me and DH. Dh is in good shape. My dr. said since i cant pin point my ovulation its extremely hard to conceive so she put me on 50mg of clomid. Im suppose to call for blood-work on my 3rd day of my cycle. then start the clomid on the 5th day. Ive bought some OPK's since my OBGYN wants me to start testing on day 11. How soon should we start BDing? -----please feel free to share your experiences and success----- thanks


s_80 - May 5

start bding on day 10 and every other day after that atleast till cd 20. hopefully it works for u. i'm on clomid 150mg third round. first two havent helped me ovulate so i have sort of lost hope on this drug.


Elh83 - May 5

well ovulating is not a problem with me. I do ovulate on my own its just timing it. since my cycles ae from 32-62 days its hard to pin point ovulation. ok so we bd starting day 10 up to day 20 ok got it thanks--- baby dust---



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