Clomid makes you moody?
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Lisa - September 23

Does anyone know if clomid makes you more emotional? I just want to be prepared!


To Lisa - September 23

YES! I'm currently on 100mg of Clomid, and I get pretty irritable. I didn't find that with 50mg but I am with the 100mg.


Lisa - September 23

Thanks for the info. I am starting with 50 mg so hopefully I won't be any worse than I already am!


Gina - September 25

This is my first month on clomid (50mg) and i havnt had as many syptoms as ive read other women had. I have been a bit emotional , but no hotflashes or anything. I took my last pill on the 20th. I have had ovarian pain but again nothing like ive been reading other women are experiencing.



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