Clomid= longer cycles
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Julie - September 8

Anyone have any thoughts on whether Clomid makes your cycles longer?


Cendy - September 8

Hi Julie! I have had 5 cycles with Clomid. The first 4 on 50mg and the last on 100mg. Before Clomid, my cycle was 28 days, but after it has gone to 33-34. I am not sure why the cycle lengthens, but it does. It took me a while to figure this out, and every month that I thought I was late, I really was not. So, yes your cycle to get longer.


Julie - September 8

Thanks Cendy, I appreciate your thoughts!!!


Helayna - September 9

Yes, clomid mad my cycle longer! I didn't ovulate until day 25!! Good luck! Helayna



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