clomid is it working
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hay - November 9

hello i was hoping that sum of you cud help me out.i have been trying to concive for 3 years now i do have PCOS and i am on clomid 150mg i have been on clomid for 7 months. i start taking them on my 2nd day, i am now regular well have been for the last 4 months! but i am only bleeding for 1 - 2 days so im not sure if i am overlating or not i did try doing a bbt chart but it was all over the place and my doctor sed it was a waste of time, so any information wud be great thank you.


isa - November 9

Are you being montitored while on the clomid?The reason I ask is that I have been on it 2 cycles and both times my lining was too thin to carry a child so they had to put me on estrogen to thicken my lining. I have only a 3 day cycle , the odd time 4 days but it is not more than a med bleed on the heaviest of day (sorry if tmi) but with only a 2 day cycle I have a feeling your lining is probably too thin and the clomid will thin it even more. Try and get some ultrasound work done and check your lining. They check me out day 3 (but day 2,3 or 4) apparently is ok to get a base reading, then they have to recheck along the cycle to see if it is getting thicker. good luck


nice - November 10

nice grammar


To Nice - November 10

Is it really necessary to critique Hay's grammar? She got her message across quite clearly, I'd say. As for Hay, has your doctor had you do the day 21 progesterone test yet to verify you're ovulating? I agree with Isa about having your dr do more u/s monitoring. Good luck. HTH!


me - November 10

I would be concerned about your dr keeping you on clomid for over 6 cycles. Most women will conceive within the first 3 months, but you are not supposed to stay on it for over 6 cycles. Maybe you should try another O med, like Femara? Some people respond to different meds. Sounds like you are not responding that well to the clomid. No matter what your med is, you should be monitored every time you start a new cycle to check for cysts and overstimulation. The other women have good points too. Go have those checked out. Good luck!


hay - November 11

thank you all for your comments my doctor does not help me much its only my gyno that helps me i do not get montitored and the last time i had a ultrasound was 2 years a go .i go back to see my gyno in i will have to wait till then. thank you


to hay - November 11

I recently scheduled an appointment with a RE who specializes in fertility. He suspects PCOS also. He does not at all agree with putting someone on clomid if it isn't working. He thinks charting is a waste of time really. I think clomid is just the 1st thing obgyn's try and they keep trying it. I thought 6 cycles was the most you could be on? The progesterone test on day 21 will not work for you unless you have 28 day cycles. I learned that all from the RE not the OBGYN. So my suggestion would be go to a specialist and get a second opinion!



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