Clomid in system???
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KristenH - November 6

I have been on Clomid the past 6 cycles. This is my first cycle without it, Dr. thought it would be a good idea to give my uterus a 6-12 month break. I heard that Clomid stays in your system 1-2 cycles after you stop taking it. Has anyone else heard that? I'm just wondering if that is true. Thank you for any input.


Mega - November 7

Based on my own experience, I'd say it does stay in your body at least one cycle. I took it for 2 months back in early Summer. Then after getting the results of my DH's SA, my dr ref me to a RE, so I was off Clomid for a few months during that transition. I have PCOS & am prone to long, crazy cyles. My first month off of it I continued to chart it appeared I did ovulate & I went on to have a fairly regular cycle. So yes, I'd say most likely the Clomid is still in your body doing it's thing. Good luck!



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