Clomid if ovulating?
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Just Wondering - July 19

My question is: Can clomid help you if you already ovulate. If so is the risk for multiples increased? We have been ttc for over a year with regular cycles and timing bd around ovulation. My doc wants us to wait another 6 months because I am ovulating and my dh is okay. The reason I am asking is I found Clomid on a generic prescription site and was thinking of trying it. I do know there are side effects and you should be monitored by a doc. I thought of taking a low dose 100 mg days 2 thru 6 for one cycle to see if it makes a difference. However, if the chance of multiples is greater than 20% I will deceide against it. If I were to be expecting with multiples my dh and I would welcome them with open arms. I'm just afraid I will not be able to give them the one on one attention they need. Please respond.


bump - July 19

Please answer if you have any info.


Erin - July 19

Check out the other Q&A on this has many people, including myself that are doing or thinking about doing the same thing that you are.
The site is Q&A/Purposely pregnant with twins/multiples...Good luck!!!


D. - July 19

Ooh! Don't start with 100 if you already O. Start with 50. The side effects can really kick your rear. Chances of multiples with Clomid, if you O already or if you don't, is about 10%. But do do your homework on it first. You could wind up with some pretty painful cysts and if you use it for too long you could wind up really messing up your lining and CM. Which will simply take you from one problem into another. I won't preach about the "unprescribed" clomid, though. I've seen enough and researched enough to believe that some of us know what we're doing and as long as you are willing to seek help should you need it and 'fess up to the doc what you've done, go for it. But really do your research. I can't stress that enough. There is a great thread over at
Give it a look through.



kc - July 20

Thanks Erin I will check it out. D. I will check out the risks and see if it is a good idea. I was only going to use it for one cycle to see if it did anything or not. I was not planning on using it longer than that. I am ovulating but only 1 pg in 15 months which ended in mc. I did hear of the cycts and I thought 100mg was a low dose. If I do do deceide I will start with a lower dose. I am prepared to talk to my doc. if I think somthing is wrong and tell him what I did and expect a lecture. If it comes to that. Thanks both of you for your info.


Jenna - July 20

Do it!!! Just know the facts. I waited for 17 months with a doctor that just kept saying, wait, wait,wait. I O on my own just could not get pg. I read everything I could and finnally said, what the hell. I purchased through and overseasrx both great. I split a 50 mg dose in half and took 25 mg days 3-7. I do not know what happened yet but will in about 6 days.

Please just do not over do it. and, like me, be ready if you have a problem to tell your doctor what you have done. Honestly I asked my family doctor about it and said I was thinking about it. He said that clomid taken in 50 mg doses for less then 3 months is fine and would cause few problems, but advised me to go to my obgyn, she wanted to wait so I said screw it!!! I am over 30 and do not want ot wait. 100 is overboard, stay low unless monitored.


Lena - July 20

First of all, 100 mg isn't a low dose and isn't considered a "starter" dose by physicians. I would never purchase prescription medications from a pharmacy that doesn't require a prescription. Its illegal to both sell and buy drugs this way. Often these "pharmacys" dilute drugs to further extend them. The extending substances can be impure or even caustic. Second, I'm one of those people that suffered HORRIBLE side effects during my first clomid cycle. I had to lay in bed for 2 weeks in excrutiating pain. Keep in mind that your insurance does not have to cover any complications that arise from using non prescribed drugs. Should anything happen, then you'll be paying for your medical care out-of-pocket. My doctors thought I might need surgery. Third, there is a reason why doctors limit clomid usage to 6 cycles. The more you use clomid, the more your body needs it to stimulate follicles. Imagine your ovary is like a giant orange and clomid is hand squeezing the orange. The greater force you sqeeze, the more juice you'll get but your orange will quickly dry up. If you press with even pressure, you'll be able to squeeze jiuce for a lot longer. Use clomid too early, too often, too quickly and you can diminish your uterine reserves. Fourth, without an ultrasound, how do you plan to evaluate its effectiveness?


kc - July 20

Lena thanks for your info. however, I'm going to give it two more cycles if nothing happens, I'll try a low dose of 25 mg on days 2 to 6. I was under the impression from one of these sites that 100 mg was a low dose. If a complication arises I will talk to my doc and explain what I did and expect a lecture. I have done some research and the instances of serious side effects are slim. I'm 34 and can't wait another year for my doc to do something.


retta - July 20

I do understand what you are going through. However I honestly think it is better to use clomid under guidance by your ob/gyn or RE. I have been using clomid for my last 3 cycles, and have only ov on the 2nd cycle. I am going to see my RE in 2 wks, and ask him to increase the dose as I am only on 50mg at the moment, and the side affects were pretty bad for the 1st cycle. But i feel that its a means to an end (No Clomid, No ovulation, No oulation, No baby) So in answer to your question If your ovulating already, I wouldn't advise taking Clomid.


Heather - July 20

Do not start with 100mg, you should really start with 50mg.



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