clomid I need help
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tina - February 14

Hi I am 28 and have never had my AF every month so
I got pg with my son on the 3rd cycle of clomid 50mg in 03 and this summer I went in and got pg on 50mg clomid after just 2 months only to m/c at 10 weeks that was oct they had me wait until jan to go on it again and I did not OV and now in feb I just found out I did not OV again this month at 100 mg I have always OV on clomid I am so scared that it is not going to work has this happened to anyone else and what did they do?


Mega - February 14

Tina, I'm so sorry about your recent m/c. Unfortunately with Clomid sometimes you can become resistant to it. Often times the next step is trying injectables or perhaps pairing the Clomid with injectables. If money is an issue though you could ask your dr for Femara (AKA Letrozole). I gather from my RE that it's not unusual for women with PCOS to become Clomid resistant. I have PCOS, & for several months I was responding to Clomid but I didn't get PG. However, on my 6th cycle of Clomid & before what would've been my 4th IUI the u/s showed my follies quit growing. I went back another couple times but they'd stalled out at 13 mm & 14mm respectively. So my RE said I'd become Clomid resistant. I'm having a lap, hysterscopy & Ovarian Drilling done this Friday and we'll try Clomid once again. So if you have PCOS Ovarian Drilling might be something to consider as well. Good luck & I'm sorry you've had such trouble TTC #2. HTH!



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