Clomid Help!
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Jaqi - May 22

Can anyone tell me about what they went through taking Clomid and if anyone had any success off of just Clomid (also...what were you're problems to have to take Clomid).
I have endometriosis and a blocked right tube. The left is open. I just started Clomid 50mg.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 22

Well I have endo but my tubes are clear. I am using clomid 50mg. But I also am using the trigger shot because I am doing IUI's. The side effects really aren't bad as long as you take it at night. I have heard a lot of success stories and I am in the 2ww process of finding out if I am pg.Good Luck!!!


jee2 - May 22

I have been TTC for 2 years now. I was prescribed Clomid by my ob/gyn in November and now even my new RE is prescribing it to me. He says I have PCOS symptoms (whatever that means - its such a vague syndrome) I do have cysts on y ovaries, which means I wasnt ovulating. Thats why i was prescribed Clomid. It hasnt worked so far (4 months on Clomid - with a couple of month breaks inbetween) and now I am also taking metformin and Clomid together.


jee2 - May 22

I didnt mean for my entry to be so negative...Clomid works for a lot of people. A friend of mine had 2 children with the help of Clomid! And I personally didnt have any real strong side affects on Comid...maybe some strong ovulatary cramps...but then you know its working!!


Jaqi - May 23

Thanks for ya'lls help! I have the shot which I will take with me to the appt next Tuesday. I guess he'll show me how to do it or tell me when to take it. Good Luck Green!!!! Jee2 - it's ok sweetie...I didn't take it wrong! This is my first time so I am trying to get all of the experiences from here I can know about! So far, I haven't really had any pains...maybe a little cramp here and hopefully it's working! So, all your friend took was Clomid? Do you know how long for and what her symptoms were? I know everyone is different but it's helps if someone has the same you do and get pregnant! Baby Dust to you all!!


Tracy88 - May 23

Hey Jaqi. I took clomid for three cycles; December, January, and February. The doc prescribed it to me because I requested it. My older sister TTC #2 for five years, took clomid, and got PG on her second cycle, so I thought since I was "unexplained" like her, that it would work for me too. Well, it didn't and I don't know why. I started to see an RE who found some large fibroids, so that could be part of the problem. I have a test may 31st to see the fibroids more clearly and to see if they could be impeding implantation; which is my guess, because they are rather large. Anyway, my side effects on clomid were crazy. The first month was great...nothing to really speak of, except after I ovulated my boobs would hurt and I'd be bloated. I swore I was PG because my boobs and nipples never get sore, but I was not. The second and third cycles were horrible. I had terrible depression, mood swings, hot flashes, and was gaining five pounds a month. I'd get the sore boobs and all, only to get AF. All in all, I gained twelve pounds and just could not continue feeling like I was crazy with all the emotional side effects, so I have not taken it again. I know this is the miracle drug for so many women, so just give it a shot, and if it doesn't work for you, remember that there are other pathways. My dentist's wife did not get PG from clomid either, but did with injectibles, so keep the faith. I was about to start my first cycle of injectibles when they found the fibroids, and since they are quite large, canceled my cycle so they could see exactly where they are and if a laparoscopy is necessary. Good luck!!! Keep me posted.



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