Clomid/HCG shot?
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Brie - December 1

This is my third month on clomid. The first 2 I was on 50mg. This month is 100mg. I go to the Dr Tues for US to see if I am going to O. Hopefully it will be positive:). If not, and we have to start again, has anyone had the HCG shot? SHould I try clomid again at 150mg, or do that in conjunction with the HCG shot?
Any advice would surely be helpful. Thanks


chrysti - December 1

usually, they do the ultrasound to check the size of your follicles. you will ovulate, it's just a matter of when. The HcG induces ovulation. If your follicles are big enough, they will give you the injection, after which you will ovulate about 36 hours after that. I have gone through this for the past 5 tries. I have had 6 IUI's. The first cycle, we didn't use clomid. Anyway, the day of my second IUI, they do an ultrasound again to make sure I really ovulated, which I always have after having the HcG shot. Hope this helps. this past cycle we did 150mg of clomid. My body doesn't seem to respond well to clomid. This is only the second time i've produce 2 follicles. I'd really like to increase my chances even more, but 200mg is pushing it.


Mega - December 1

As Chyrsti said, the HcG shot is good for timing your Ov, as it pretty much forces those bigger follies to be released. I'd say it might be worth talking to your dr about, seeing if he/she will prescribe it, that way you can help time BD better. Usually though, as Chrysti said, the so-called trigger shot is used in conjunction with IUIs but I have heard of it being paired with just fertility drugs like Clomid. Chrysti, I'm in a similar boat as you, I've had 2 IUIs, this was my 4th time on Clomid however, & I don't think I respond all that well with it either. I told my dr I'd like to discuss pairing Clomid & injectibles next time if I don't get my BFP this month. That might be something to discuss as well. It would be quite a bit more spendy than just Clomid, but it would offset the cost of just injectibles. Just thought I'd throw that idea out to you. Good luck Chrysti & Brie. Babydust!!


chrysti - December 1

Mega, i'm actually thinking about changing fertility clinics if this cycle is a bust. I don't feel like they are being aggressive enough with this process. They have seen how i've responded to clomid, and yet they stick to the same ole plan every cycle. This past cycle, I told them, I was gonna take 150mg of clomid. They were like, okay. Sure enough, I got 2 good follicles. They said the "next step" is quite a bit more expensive. Hell, I don't care. This was my 6th try at like $2000 each try. C'mon, get aggressive right. It's my money they're spending. What exactly do the injections do?


J - December 2

Hi Brie, Mega and Chrysti...I used injectibles as well as Arimidex (which I took instead of Clomid) for my IUI cycle (I got pregnant from my first one). I did 100 IU of Follistim by injection on days 6-11. Then I had an hCG shot (Ovidrel) on day 12. I produced at least two eggs, and possibly three, although only one was fertilized. The injectibles are 600 IU of Follistim was around $600, although luckily my insurance paid for it...but I think they do increase your chances. I had my IUI about 24 hours after the trigger shot, and this obviously worked pretty well. Chrysti, if you're not happy with your clinic, definitely consider switching. You need to be able to feel confident that they're doing everything they can for you.



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