clomid for low sperm count
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cubbiegirl - October 3

does anyone know if taking clomid to produce more eggs will give sperm more "targets" to reach if the male has a low sperm count? i have heard that 50%of sperm go left and 50% of sperm go right, so atleast if you have an egg on each side waiting you would have more of a chance of atleast one sperm reaching one. any thoughts? thank you


Chas - October 17

That is a good question. I meant to ask my doctor that, the last time I was there. Does anyone have any info on this ??


dea - October 18

More eggs usually doesn't help with low counts unless you are also using IUI or IVF. However, my husband was on Clomid to boost counts and later- injections. After I took Follistim and had back-to-back IUI's, we are now 12 weeks pregnant. GL.



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