clomid, follicles, and multiple preg.
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me again - June 27

If you take the clomid and go for the ultrasound and the doc finds several follicles but also a larger one (say 13, 14, and 22), will you just release the mature one, or all of them and what are your chances of twins, triplets? I know about the 10% with clomid, but not much about follicles and size and stuff


Rosie - June 27

I wish someone would answer bc I have some of the same questions!!!


sue - June 28

I am also going through the same thing everymonth. I get 1 follicle closer to 21/22 and others like 15/16. My doc said the one which is big enough will be released and other ones if they can't reach 21/22, they will become cysts. If they are closer to 21mm, they are all releses egg within a few hours. Hope this helps


me - June 28



Kelly - June 28

My RE told me that the largest one is considered the "primary lead" and the others may or may not also release. I've never heard of them becoming cysts - but I will research that as I had 4 (22, 17, 17 and 15) so potentially I could have had 4 eggs released or less.I go Sat. for preg. test



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