clomid experts: O twinges?
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chandellina - November 15

hi all you clomid experts out there. i am on my second cycle and am getting O twinges today (never really got these until using clomid). what I'm wondering is whether you have had these too, and how soon after you ended up O'ing. stupidly, i can't really remember when i had them last time. my concern is that i may be about to O but dh is having to refrain from bd'ing ahead of a semen analysis test tomorrow. i'm only on cd10 and took clomid 50mg cd2-6. Last month i o'd around cd13 so i'm hoping it will be ok. just thought i'd see if we could figure out how soon after twinges start to O. thanks!!!


tonyaandjoe - November 16

what are o twinges?


slowpoke01 - November 16

chandellina- i think that i have ovulation pains like 2 or 3 days before i actually ovulate when i am on clomid


chandellina - November 16

thanks slowpoke. i had a negative opk yesterday so hopefully it's still on the way. my temps are rising but still within their normal range and i kind of doubt i o'd on cd9.


thayward7 - November 16

Hi! I know I could literally feel my follies growing on Clomid - particularly the 2-3 days before O. Maybe that's what you're feeling? I could tell the ultrasound tech which side was more active and had more follies before she did the u/s. Smiles and Babydust... T


tk07 - November 16

yeah i think i had the twinges and even a little more than a twinge a day or 2 before i O'd. i think it was wednesday and thursday i had twinges and i O'd on a friday. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tonyaandjoe - November 16

is the side that you have more cramps on is that when your oing.what is the normal ranges for the temps?


chandellina - November 17

hi, i had my scan today and had two follicles on my left ovary, (the side i felt the twinges on), 17mm and 19mm. bring on the bd'ing! my dr gave me a trigger shot to take in case i don't get a positive opk in the next two days. tonyandjoe- temp ranges are individual to each person so you have to take your temps each month and get to know your own range. for me it's 36.3-36.5 celsius in the pre-ovulatory phase, then they rise to 36.7-36.8 after O.


tk07 - November 17

Hi, that is awesome chandellina! i had 2 follies last month but i don't think i am pregnant yet, it was just my first month of clomid though. my temps in the first part of my cycle stay below 97.5 usually with a bunch of days being real low at 96.6, then after it goes up around 97.9 to 98.5ish. but when i was taking the clomid it made my temps very erratic! but when i was done they settled back down. yeah i had twinges on the right side mostly and that is where my follies were. good luck to everyone!


tonyaandjoe - November 17

thanks. good luck to all of us . tonya



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