Clomid experience
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Helen - July 2

Am on first cycle Clomid...any of you know which effects it has on your charting??? And which other side effects I can expect? Like does it seem to make one emotional??? I seem all over the place the last couple of days and cry for every little this a result of clomid or what. Am on 3CD. please write, Helen


Kelly - July 2

Helen, I had strong emotions the whole month that I was on clomid and slight headaches while taking the pills. Other than that, I did not have any problems. As far as charting, I heard you cannot chart on the days you are taking the pill. Maybe someone else out there can add some more insight on that one. Wish you well :)


Ann - July 2

Hi Helen, I took Clomid for the first time this month and I am on CD14. I have not ovulated yet. I am using a opk. I have heard that it can cause a false positive with opk's, but I have not heard anything about temp.'s. I have been very weepy lately and have some slight pain on my right side(I hope it means I'm about to ovulate). But no other real side effects. Good Luck!



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